Big-Batch Breakfasts for Your Tailgate

September 29, 2017

We partnered with Boxed.com to bring you everything you’ll need to make sure the crowd is ready for the game. Get all your snacks, groceries, and drinks in bulk delivered free at Boxed.com.

Hopefully by now, the football team you’re rooting for is leading a strong season towards the play-offs. Stakes are getting higher so you might agonize about how your team will do, but there’s no need to fret over what tailgating foods to make. Come, we’ve drafted a stress-free game plan for hosting success starting bright and early with breakfast foods to keep everyone fueled throughout the morning.

Below, we’ve rallied a few of our favorite recipes that are easily adaptable, require minimal effort, or can be made ahead of game day. Keep the coffee flowing (a supply of OJ and seltzer can’t hurt either) so that once breakfast is ready, friends can serve themselves. You won’t miss the next play.

Wake and bake—some French toast. Photo by Julia Gartland

leftovers are your allies

Be creative with what's left in the fridge, and bonus points for being able to cook meals in a single pan for direct serving. Offer your favorite breads on the side for toast or sandwich-making.

bake now, enjoy later

Our favorite baked goods are the ones that can be made ahead of time (and even taste better the next day), or stored in the fridge overnight for popping in the oven first thing in the morning.

Groceries, all boxed up and at your door. We partnered with Boxed.com (and ordered from them, too!) to bring you a series of posts that covers everything you need this tailgating season. Get all your everyday essentials in bulk delivered fast and free, with free samples, and no membership fees at Boxed.com.

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How do you get your tailgate started for morning kick-offs? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by: Lyna Vuong

I'm a food studies grad student, cook, and interior designer. (I love a colorful palate/palette!)

1 Comment

BerryBaby September 30, 2017
All tailgate food sounds delicious. Not once have I ever been to a tailgate or a college game.
I went to a Chicago Bears game once but it was snowing so hard you couldn't see the field.
These tailgates sound like a great time...sorry I never experienced one. 😟