3-Ingredient Homemade Honeycomb Candy Is As Dramatic And Delicious as it Sounds

December 16, 2017

The words "hassle-free holiday trick" are music to our ears. We partnered with Delta® Faucet to announce their newest addition to the kitchen, ShieldSpray™ Technology. It makes holiday cleanup easy by keeping the splashing contained, so we're free to entertain more. And we're celebrating by sharing how-to videos of favorites, from table decor to dessert, that'll add that something extra to all your holiday dinner parties.

Homemade honeycomb candy, according to our co-founder Merrill, is an "almost otherworldly candy." Think of it like astronaut ice cream (only much better) because it almost seems to defy science (and you can make it at home, with only one pot to wash). While it starts out as a simple mixture of sugar and maple syrup, it looks like it takes on a mind of its own when one key ingredient—baking soda—is added. The baking soda creates a multitude of air bubbles, just like in cake batter or pancakes...but much more fun.

Watch how to make it in the video, and start planning holiday gifts accordingly.

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Talk about a transformation! The syrup jumps and bubbles, then turns airy, then to crunchy candy. Poured out onto a sheet pan, you might even get a few ooh's and ahh's if you have a crowd. Pull out the sea salt to sprinkle on top—this touch gives it the edge it needs. The process is dramatic but not difficult, and people will be impressed with your candy-making prowess, whether they're getting it as a holiday gift or it's hanging around in a dessert spread (ice cream topping, anyone?).

The best part is it's an easy-peasy clean-up: Just one pot to spray down and—if you used parchment paper on the sheet pan—there'll be very little scrubbing indeed.

Cleanup (even when making candy) is easier with a more precise faucet (like the Delta Faucet ShieldSpray™ technology). Photo by Mark Weinberg

We partnered with Delta® Faucet to celebrate their newest addition to the kitchen, ShieldSpray™ Technology. It allows hosts seamless cleanup (be gone, stubborn food specks) without making an even bigger mess (thanks to an innovative shield of water that surrounds the water jet). And all that means more time with guests—plus less time soaking, scrubbing, and shirt swapping.

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Miachel P. December 17, 2017
My jaw literally dropped while watching. How in the world can this be so easy.