A Spicy Ginger Cookie to Kick Off Our Cookbook Cookie Parade

October 13, 2017

Welcome to The Cookbook Cookie Parade: a new cookie from a new cookbook every Friday. Are your sheet pans (and stomachs) ready?

First up: A supermodel’s spicy, gingery cookies that also just so happen to be vegan.

Photo by Rocky Luten

It’s no secret we love Cherry Bombe—that indie food journal that celebrates the stories of women and food, from industry icons to hungry up and comers. And now we’re excited to flip through the recipes and stories of their first cookbook (on shelves now!). The book features more than one hundred recipes from a wide range of female voices, like Chrissy Teigen, Melissa Clark, Joy Wilson, and Gail Simmons, focusing on how they're doing creative, exciting, game-changing things.

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We’ve decided to share a recipe from the indie mag’s OG cover star: supermodel Karlie Kloss. Kloss uses baking to unwind, and has been known to bring goodies to photo shoots. In fact, she created her own line of cookies with Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi called Klossies.

"My gram taught me that baking is a way to show and share love," remembers Karlie. "I learned all my best tricks and techniques from her." This recipe is a version of her grandmother’s gingersnaps—with some modern ingredients swaps.

Because these cookies are vegan, it's best not to tinker with the ingredients. We tried making the cookies with homemade oat flour instead of the store brand (by pulsing oatmeal in a blender) and it made the cookies very, very soft. Also, don't press the cookies down onto the pan, or they won't form those perfectly imperfect cracks.

Tell us your favorite type of cookie—as well as what cookbooks and recipes you're hoping for—below!

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