Baking Club

9 DIY Treats Straight from Your Childhood

November  9, 2017

The Baking Club is only a week into our month with Stella Parks’ BraveTart, but members have wasted no time in baking up batches of classic store-bought treats, like Korena Vine’s homemade Oreos (shown below).

Photo by Korena Vine

Stella Parks, herself(!), has been busy answering all of our club's many questions, but we’ve learned a lot from each other, too. For example, Parks uses an embossed rolling pin to create a particularly enticing pattern on her Homemade Oreos (which grace the cover of her cookbook). But if you don’t already have one, we've picked up a couple of smart alternatives for creating your own patterned cookies:

  • Korena Vine used the dull edge of a cookie cutter to gently stamp a random pattern over the rolled-out dough (above photo).
  • Rosanne Leto used the back of a food processor pusher (the part with concentric rings) to emboss her cookies.

Whether or not you've joined the Baking Club yet, we don't want you missing out on homemade versions of your favorite store-bought treats. Here are 9 DIY treats to get you started:

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