From Raw to Roasted: 15 Brussels Sprouts Recipes for Thanksgiving (& Beyond)

November 15, 2017

This Thanksgiving, figure brussels sprouts prominently into your culinary lineup. They’re succulent and earthy and intensely versatile. They can help cut through the slog of carbs and starch that is so intrinsic to our Thanksgiving meals (not that I’m complaining).

Many of us are still reeling from the discovery that the boiled, funky-smelling greens of our childhood have the potential for greatness. But there are still more to convert! Treat an unknowing guest to some of these brussels sprouts recipes and show them what they’re missing.

Think of them not only roasted, but shaved and tossed with other greens and zippy dressings, or folded with cream and breadcrumbs into sumptuous gratins, or braised with chestnuts à la Julia Child. Brussels sprouts can take many a form, so give them the freedom to stretch their proverbial wings and shine! Many of these recipes were culled from our Automagic Thanksgiving Menu Maker, which is kind of like our best attempt at functioning as your sous chef, menu planner and prep cook all in one. We hope it’s helpful. And we hope, perhaps even more, that you show brussels sprouts some love this year. They’re worth it.

What's your go to brussels sprouts recipe? Let us know how you like them in the comments.

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Bryan J. November 10, 2018
Shaved Brussel sprouts with white balsamic vinaigrette chick peas and grape tomatoes