5-Ingredient Meals That Don't Require a Grocery Run

November 21, 2017

Whether you buy all your basics at the farmers' market or need a last-minute gallon of milk from the convenience store, we all know this is not the week to meander down aisles or chat at the checkout. Between preparing your own Thanksgiving dishes and navigating the mobs of fellow shoppers, it's time for streamlined grocery lists and focused efficiency. In fact, if I can help it, I prefer to avoid grocery shopping until we're safely on the other side of Black Friday.

This is the time when my pantry—stocked with beans and pasta and bread—saves the day. Rather than waste precious time and energy buying dinner ingredients (or money buying take-out), I turn to the quick, easy meals I already have in my kitchen. With just five ingredients, I can feast on creamy fettuccine alfredo, hearty lentil stew, or whip up soft, silky scrambled eggs for tacos or tomato sauce. It's really that easy. So go ahead and focus on the Thanksgiving meal—pick one of these 27 pantry dinners to fill you up for the next couple of days.

Pasta, what can't you do?

Soup's Here

Incredible, Edible Eggs

Get a Grip with Toasts & Sandwiches

Eat All Your Vegetables

Tell us your go-to pantry meals, as well as what you like to eat during the busy holidays in the comments.

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Stephanie B. November 21, 2017
Olio e aglio, and cacio e pepe, served with a quick salad, are my two crunch time staples - both have served me well during my dissertation, the week of Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, random late work nights...anytime I need a dinner to come together in 20min.