9 Things Our Cookbook Club Is Thankful for

November 24, 2017

This month, our Cookbook Club is tackling J. Kenji López-Alt's The Food Lab and they've been busy making perfectly cooked eggs, Hasselback potato gratins, and just generally improving their cooking skills with science.

Since many of us celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, we'll be sharing a few photos of The Food Lab turkey highlights from the group, but we also wanted to take a minute to reflect and be thankful. We're biased, yes, but we also know that the Cookbook Club is a special spot on the internet to hang out and we're thrilled that you feel the same way—here's what some members have had to say about the group:

Roasted Butterflied Turkey from The Food Lab Photo by Joy Huang

Kara Lucca:

I am thankful to have discovered this group of like-minded home cooks. I love how members love cookbooks and real food (not just Pinterest "recipes" and convenience products). Sure, there are still all kinds of cooks here, but the interest and skill level is HIGH. I especially love the posts with helpful, thoughtful feedback.

Allison Grasso:

A few things come to mind for me—recognizing how many good cookbooks are out there and getting back to using them rather than just looking for recipes online is a big one. I’ve also tried more new ingredients (I have a serious obsession with sumac now) and new methods of cooking. It’s also great to connect with other home cooks, hear from them, and share our experiences as the month goes on. The club gives me the motivation to want to keep improving my home cooking! I’m thankful I started this and look forward to continuing! Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!

Dana Butunoi:

Grateful to have discovered this group! Grateful for all the wonderful cool books sent our way. I cherish every single one of them, as each one has made me a better cook.

One wing was removed for quality control purposes—it passed! Photo by Sheila Scully

Laura O. Ratliff:

I think that the first month with the lovely Kate McDermott and her fantastic pies was crucial for getting me out of my comfort zone, which set the tone for the rest of my participation! Beyond that, I’m so grateful for having discovered a group that is so encouraging, caring, and shares my passion for food and cooking.

Nanda Garber:

I'm equally thankful for the great ideas and inspiration as well as the extremely kind, interesting, funny, and smart people who are in this group. Extremely wonderful addition to my work-at-home mommy existence.

Temperance West:

I like having such positive, beautiful things on my newsfeed all day.

"I’ll definitely be making my turkey like this from now on." Photo by Meghan Watton‎

Dorrena Ortega:

I have quite a few cookbooks. Seems like I always have and I do use them, but it's so easy to go online to find recipes and information. However, sitting down with a book and really getting to know it is not something that I can get online. I can take my time with a book and really try to understand what I'm trying to make. So, I am thankful for this group because you have given me back the spark to return to my books. While not every book chosen here will be good for me, there are still plenty that are. I am now rediscovering what made me buy them and house them in the first place. It's like finding forgotten money in a coat pocket. Thank YOU for bringing us all together. It is a well-rounded cooking experience to see what others are doing out the same book. I'm looking forward to cooking out of my books again.

Judi Palmer:

The group is inspirational. So many good ideas. People choose to try recipes I might otherwise pass over. And it has encouraged me to buy a couple more cookbooks! Thank you everyone.

Anne-Marie Normandeau:

At those times when the world goes off its rockers, I am thankful for the peace I find in cooking and baking, as well as for the pleasure of the company of all fellow cooks in the Food52 Cookbook Club.

" far the crispiest, most seasoned, best skin EVERRRR" Photo by Jennifer Greenwald Perrella‎

As for me, I am personally very thankful for each and every member of the Cookbook (and Baking!) Club. Thank you for being so engaged, thoughtful, fun, kind-hearted, and generous with sharing your wisdom. I am a better cook thanks to all of you, the cookbooks we've cooked through together, and the interactions we've had with the many authors. Thank you all.

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New to the Cookbook Club? Head here for all of the details on what's ahead for the Club and how to participate.

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