13 Reasons Why You Should Make Meatballs More Often

November 30, 2017

Meatballs are awesome. You can easily whip them up without a recipe, using beef, chicken, lamb, or even no meat. They freeze like a dream, ready to feed you (and friends, and family, and unexpected guests) at the drop of a hat. They are excellent every which way, whether swimming in a brothy soup, broiled with cheese and sauce in a meatball sub, set on a plate for a hearty party appetizer, and, of course, over spaghetti (but you already knew that).

Bake them, steam them, fry them, douse them in sauce or serve them over rice. (If you're feeling overwhelmed, check out our handy meatball guide). No matter what you do, here are 13 recipes to convince you to get more meatballs in your life.

What's your favorite way to enjoy meatballs? Tucked in a sandwich, ladled over pasta, or just by themselves? Tell us in the comments!

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AntoniaJames November 30, 2017
Albondigas with Oaxacan white bean stew on the side, both courtesy of Diana Kennedy (of course). Meatballs have grated zucchini and no bread or crumbs in them. Herbs and spices in both are sensational. Technique I've applied to other recipes: when using dried herbs, crush them using mortar and pestle with other spices, even if just black pepper, to release the herbs' aroma. Much more effective than crushing with your hands, as is sometimes suggested.

Here are my transcriptions:
Oaxacan White Bean Stew

Both recipes are keepers. ;o)