15 Donuts to Roll, Fill, and Frost for Hanukkah

December 12, 2017

Hanukkah starts today, which means many different things to many peopleā€”but it also means it's time to celebrate all things fried in oil, including donuts. Jelly-filled donuts (and other oil-fried treats, such as latkes) are traditional Hanukkah fare commemorating the miracle of one night's worth of oil lasting for eight nights. So in this Hanukkah season, try your hand at a few versions of donuts, jelly-filled and otherwise, from around the world: chocolate and cherry-stuffed Berliners, North African sfenj, or sugar-topped Israeli sufganiyot with jelly centers. Whether you're observing the holiday or not, here are 15 donuts to fill, frost, and roll:

What oil-fried delicacies will you be tackling this Hanukkah? Tell us in the comments!

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