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Introducing: Our Collection of Gifts for the Home Chef

December  1, 2017
Photo by Rocky Luten

Do you have a culinary all-star in your life? That person whose kitchen is their temple, who visits farmers’ markets more than once a week, who blowtorches their crème brûlée, who can operate a mandoline without cutting themselves?

It feels a little risky buying kitchen tools for these characters—you never know whether they already own all the basic necessities in every color and material imaginable. That's why we've curated a special collection of gifts for the home chef, brimming with next-level kitchen paraphernalia that even the most seasoned pro (uh, no pun intended) will be awed by.

Many of the goods in the collection are ingenious inventions, like egg coddlers designed to streamline the poaching process or the simple (and inexpensive!) time-saver of a ravioli press. Others are remarkable simply for the quality of their material: take Dutch Deluxe’s aprons and oven mitts, wrought from full-grain Dutch leather (with dirt-repellent coating). Or, for cookware, there are Smithey Ironware’s nonstick skillets, crafted from cast iron using vintage methods.

Whether your chef friend is attracted to names they trust and esteem, or simply looking for something new to revolutionize their process, these gifts will delight them—and, more importantly, change how they cook.

What would you give the proficient cook in your life? Share any successful gift ideas with us below!

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Gerard Coletta

Written by: Gerard Coletta

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Chris B. December 2, 2017
If you want us to see and love the products on that table maybe pull back the curtsins in that dark canin kitchen. Actually, I’m a food stylist and understand the single source moody light thing thing but when you’re selling black, navy, aged copper, muted colored fabrics, you need to give them some more light love. The focus here is on the lemons, which I don’t think you’re selling. Otherwise love Food52 photography and get lots of indpiration from you guys. But this one is a cautionary tale.