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Crispy, Golden Chicken Pie in 15 Minutes Flat—No Puff Pastry Needed

December  1, 2017

Creamy, crispy chicken pot pie is the ultimate comfort dish—one bite instantly transports you to piles of fluffy blankets and crackling fires. (Oh, is that just me?) But making and baking one—specifically the crust—is no small task. More of a weekend project than Monday dinner, if you will.

But there’s a way to enjoy savory pies on a weeknight: replace pastry with flatbread and you'll only have to bake your pie for 15 minutes. Cookbook author and chef Olia Hercules learned this simple chicken pie from an Armenian friend while writing her latest book, Kaukasis: A Culinary Journey through Georgia, Azerbaijan & Beyond.

Perfect for transforming leftovers and busy weeknights. Photo by Rocky Luten

“I love how flatbreads are often used in Caucasus in place of pastry,” she says. “Lavash goes crispy and the sesame seeds, golden. Although it does not have to be strictly lavash—any thin flatbread will do.”

The pie is perfect for leftovers, says Hercules. Underneath the flatbread, leftover chicken transforms into an entirely new dish. The recipe calls for poached chicken, but feel free to use roasted poultry or substitute with slow-cooked lamb or pork.

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You can also experiment with the fruit and toppings, too. “I’ve tried it with sunflower and pumpkin seeds and it worked so well,” Hercules says. “And dried cranberries or sour cherries can easily do barbarries’ job.”

The one thing that should stay the same? “Yoghurt for me is essential here, heavy cream would never do.” The fresh yogurt, tart barbarries, and punchy herbs combine into a creamy, yet light sauce—the perfect contrast to crispy flatbread.

Tell us your ultimate comfort food—the one dish that feels like a warm, cuddly hug—in the comments below!

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Barb December 8, 2017
While this filling looks good, and I love the idea of using 'leftovers' to construct it, I never have lavash or other flatbread in the house, and always have puff pastry in the freezer. I think a hybrid of the two is in order.