Bring Light to Your Hanukkah Table with Festive Fare

December  4, 2017

Eight days every year, Jews around the world celebrate oil. They give thanks that centuries ago, a bit—only a day's worth!—of that unctuous substance lasted long enough to keep a sacred lantern lit for a week and some change. In the spirit of this miracle, we light candles and fry foods on Hanukkah.

The Festival of Lights is not the festival of light fare: Its two most central foods are fried potatoes and fried dough. While latkes and sufganiyot are the crispy golden stars of many a Hanukkah meal, those two dishes don't have to be the only focus. Instead, surround them with a similarly vibrant dishes. Brighten your plate with winter vegetable slaws, colorful plant-based sides, or show-stopping brisket. Here, we've gathered enough recipes to lighten your table for each of the eight nights.

Begin with Brilliant Salads

Try vibrant vegetables

Mains In the spotlight

More Sweet Stars

What are your Hanukkah specials? Let us know about them in the comments.

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Nancy December 6, 2017
Grew up making latkes shallow-fried in skillet. Once was cooking at friends' for a party and all they had was a soup kettle, so I made deep-fried latkes. Best ever! Crispier, lacier, let oily. Never went back. Use olive or neutral oil, your favorite recipe, oil at 360-375F, drain, serve hot with sour cream or applesauce or both.