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How to Turn One Pot of Rice Into a Week of Meals

December  4, 2017

What’s not to love about rice? It’s cheap, filling, and endlessly adaptable. A simple batch makes a satisfying base for creamy sauces or bulks up slow-cooked stews. Keep the pot on the stove until the grains break down into thick, velvety porridge, or transform leftovers into crispy and crunchy bites in a wok. Whether you cook jasmine or brown or short-grain or basmati, rice works with dozens of flavors, ready for any ingredient you throw at it.

If you make a batch now (yes, now) rice will help you with dinner all week long. Use it under gravy or over salad, in pilaf or patties or porridge. It’s the perfect compromise between the comforting predictability of meal planning and the creative freedom of making dinner on the fly. Just make a pot, scroll down, and pick your dinner.

Stir Crazy

Pack it up

Rice by the Spoonful

Satisfying Salads

Rice is nice (as dessert)

What's your weeknight workhorse? Rice? Potatoes? Pasta? Share below.

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