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The Kitchen & Home Holiday Gifts You Can't Wait to Take for a Spin in 2018

January  5, 2018

Happy new year! (We can still say that on the 5th of January, right?) By now, the tree's likely been turned to mulch, the lights have been taken down, and the ornaments have been carefully stored away for another year. If you were good—or just good to yourself!—you may now be in possession of some fun new toys for your kitchen and home, too.

We asked our Food52 community what kitchen and home goodies they received over the holidays. From little kitchen helpers to gadgets worthy of a weekend project, they ran the gamut. Think of it as our version of Show & Tell, with (in some cases), a delicious outcome at the end!

  • PHIL: I got a sous vide cooker. Looking to try it out for New Year's. Trying to figure out what to start with, maybe salmon or shrimp.
  • AntoniaJames: Santa, with help from well-informed family members, found a number of useful items that I need, in these roundups, including the pie docking tool, a stocking stuffer, really. It's one of those items that made me wonder why I didn't own one sooner. More than for any gift, however, I am most grateful for this, which I hope others find helpful. As for projects: I'll take a day or two in mid-January to do an unhurried look-back and to think about what I seek to achieve in 2018. One project that certainly will be on that docket: high altitude cooking and baking.
  • Diana: I received upgrades on a few things, including: two new smaller 3-in-1 grilling/roasting pans, which will allow me to use them simultaneously in the oven; an immersion blender (yayyy, no more processing hot food in batches); and three new charcuterie surfaces, including one beautiful polished geode piece. Love it all. So blessed.
  • MMH: I've made a list of items to buy for myself because only I know what I need: a second bowl for my Kitchen Aid [Editor's note: Amanda Hesser seconds this purchase: "A second bowl for my Kitchen Aid was a gift years ago, and has been frequently used and appreciated by me!"], many more rimmed baking sheets, and a second roasting pan.
  • BerryBaby: Dish cloths! Simple, but makes me happy 😄

And, as expected, there was no shortage of happy Instant Pot fans:

  • [email protected]: I purchased an Instant Pot on Black Friday sale. Didn't have a chance to really try out during holidays. Want to fully understand where/when it is best to apply. Going to practice in January with at least 1 recipe per week with Melissa Clark's Dinner in an Instant guidance.
  • sexyLAMBCHOPx: I bought myself a suction sponge holder. It's the little things! I'm happy it's hidden inside the sink and not on top of the sink. I just saw that the Instant Pot has a mini version. I'm now considering gifting myself the appliance for stocks, broth, etc., and get on the bandwagon.

What fun new tools did you pick up during the holidays? Share them with us below!

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