Stuff Yourself With 13 (Boiled, Fried, Steamed) Dumplings

January 11, 2018

If I could choose to emulate any food, it would be a dumpling. Hear me out: They’re adaptable, so much so that almost every culture has found a way to stuff sweet and savory fillings into small, thin pieces of dough (as in gyozas), or else make delicate orbs of tender-cooked dough (as in gnocchi). They’re accessible and generous, made with chopped up ingredients that stretch into filling meals. They’re creative, playing with all sorts of fillings (think pork and chives or ricotta and spinach) and elegantly simple with no fillings at all. Plus, they take exceedingly well to substitutions. Once you get into the flow of folding or pinching or scooping, they become more fun than fussy.

See? There are so many reasons dumplings are the best! And if it's true that you are what you eat, I'd like to start munching on these now. For a little inspiration, I’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite dumpling recipes from all over the world.

Or forget the recipe and stuff your own creation!

What's your role model food? The humble potato? The vibrant, sometimes-misunderstood lemon? A handy, do-it-all sandwich? Share below!

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