Super Bowl

Every Super Bowl Party Needs Cookies—Here Are 15 Ideas

January 31, 2018

Something tells me there’s going to be a lot of snacking happening in the next couple days. What’s going on again? Some kind of big game? Lots of people gathering in living rooms across the country? Eating? Cheering? Watching commercials?

Ah, yes, the Super Bowl. That four-hour televised tribute to Americana. This year’s face-off will pit the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots, and while the game is sure to be a thriller, we all know the real reason you’re gathering this Sunday, and it’s not to see Tom Brady perform superhuman feats or watch Justin Timberlake grace the halftime stage for the first time since a particularly infamous debacle. No, if you’re anything like me, it’s all about the snacks.

We’ve been hard at work over here at Food52, dreaming up new ways to approach those classic Sunday night football foods. Thought you liked buffalo chicken wings? Then try this cauliflower spin! Are you mad for pigs in a blanket? Wrap a cheeseburger in one instead! The possibilities are endless, and I, for one, am wont to try all of them. However, by the time the fourth quarter rolls around, you’re going to need something to counteract that nail-biting, end-of-game anxiety. Enter the sweets. Cookies (!), snackable shareable treats of the sugar-laden variety. The key here is to stick with simple recipes that make a bunch. Also: no time for forks! The Super Bowl is all about using your hands. So whatever your taste, don’t skimp on the sweets—your stomach will thank you for it.





How will you snack down on Super Bowl sweets? Let us know your end-of-game cookie favorites in the comments.

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