Crépinettes May Sound Delicate, But They're Rich & Spicy

February 16, 2018

Every so often, we scour the site for cool recipes from our community that we then test, photograph, and feature—this one comes from longtime community member Mosaica.

Have you ever used caul fat? That sweet, incredibly delicate (and useful!) membrane perfect for wrapping up savory sausages, roulades, or pâtés? It’s beautiful, like a sheer spiderweb that also adds an extra layer of richness and moisture to whatever’s bundled inside. No? Then we have a perfect recipe for your caul fat test-drive: Bright Korean Crépinettes.

The Korean twist keeps the hearty sausages from being too heavy. Photo by Julia Gartland

Developed by community member Mosaica, these savory bites are a spicy mix of beef and pork shaped into little oval patties, topped with a shiso leaf, and then wrapped in caul fat before being roasted.

Especially during the winter holidays, I crave a bit of bright and spicy-hot cheer, and these little bundles of savory roast meat make a special meal accompanied by japchae: sweet potato noodles and colorful veggies drizzled with a gently sweet soy dressing, and sticky rice.

Mosaica’s expert writing guides even novice cooks through the technique of spreading, cutting, and shaping the caul fat casings. Plus, her addition of fermented gochujang adds a complex flavor to the crépinettes, while the shiso leaves keep the sausage from being too heavy.

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If you're inspired to give caul fat a try, these crépinettes make a wonderful main when served with noodles or rice. But make them a bit smaller, and they will be delicious as an appetizer.

Have you used caul fat before? What's your favorite recipe?

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