Gooey, Cheesy Breads Are the Weekend Project You’ve Been Looking For

February 22, 2018

Cheese... Bread... Who’s with me? Diet permitting, I’m sure most everyone. The only thing better than bread is cheese, and the only thing better than cheese is bread...stuffed with cheese. Ah, we’ve now entered a weird carb and dairy infinity machine from which we will never escape. And thank goodness we won’t, because it sure is delicious in here!

So this weekend, lose yourself to the wonders of this combination—a cheese-stuffed bread is just the weekend project you’ve been waiting for. Now, what exactly makes for a so-called “weekend project”? What we mean is something that isn’t a breeze to throw together; these are investments and require an extra oomph of time, energy, and ingredients. But the return is oh so worth it. Weekend projects offer the chance to flex your kitchen muscles: If a weeknight (sheet-pan, 5 ingredient, 30-minute) dinner is a 5K, consider a weekend project a triathlon.

Don’t be daunted, accept the challenge. Here are some recipes to guide you.

So which will you choose for your weekend project? Tell us which strikes your fancy in the comments below.

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  • Janet Martin
    Janet Martin
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Valerio is a freelance food writer, editor, researcher and cook. He grew up in his parent's Italian restaurants covered in pizza flour and drinking a Shirley Temple a day. Since, he's worked as a cheesemonger in New York City and a paella instructor in Barcelona. He now lives in Berlin, Germany where he's most likely to be found eating shawarma.


Janet M. February 23, 2018
While some of these look delicious, the ultimate cheesy bread is simple cheese pizza. Beyond this, I like really good bread, topped with really good cheese instead of some sort of bread loaf with cheese as an ingredient. I may, however, try the cheesy biscuits
Nancy February 22, 2018
Your lead photo looks like classic/retro restaurant garlic bread. Makes me feel like Cookie Monster(R) for garlic bread. COO-KIE! Where's the recipe?
Nancy February 22, 2018
Oops! Missed recipe on first pass. Now I see it :)