For Next-Level Biscuits, Evoke This Classic, Cheesy Southern Spread

March  8, 2018

Every so often, we scour the site for cool recipes from our community that we then test, photograph, and feature—this one comes from longtime Food52er TheRunawaySpoon.

The evening of a holiday brunch party, TheRunawaySpoon was standing in front of an open fridge looking at leftovers and decided to spread some pimento cheese on a biscuit. The rest, or at least this recipe, is history. As she says, “It hit me that I could save that pesky spreading step and create a one-bite wonder.”

Creative director Kristen Miglore calls these Pimento Cheese Biscuits “pure genius”—high praise coming from the queen of Genius Recipes herself—and adds, “These biscuits are incredibly buttery and fluffy, with a great savory, cheesy tang.”

Photo by James Ransom

TheRunawaySpoon first shared this recipe with us nearly seven years ago, but they’re still in her regular rotation: “Just a few weekends ago I served them with bourbon-glazed ham and red pepper jam,” she says, adding, “I am sure you will find all sorts of ways to enjoy these.” And it’s true, you will. Nevertheless, she has even more ideas to get you started:

These gems are the perfect pairing for a bowl of soup, but it doesn’t end there. A dab of butter and a little country ham. A dab of butter and some crispy bacon. Make some candied bacon and you are on your way to heaven. I sometimes make these in little cocktail-size bites and serve them at parties, either with butter alone, or something yummy tucked inside.

(Like us, you’re probably already sold on the combination of buttermilk biscuits with pimento cheese, so you should know that TheRunawaySpoon’s obsession with pimento cheese led to her cookbook, Pimento Cheese: The Cookbook.)

What’s your favorite pimento cheese pairing? (And if there’s a recipe in our archive that you think deserves a turn in the spotlight, fill us in on that, too—we might feature it!)

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Tess K. March 10, 2018
Wow...these sound so good. And, I think they could be served in so many different ways. As a sandwich bun, with bacon, tomato, lettuce. With a variety of savory and sweet jams. Served with ham and beans, alongside a cool salad with something tart like cherries in it! The possibilities are endless. Thanks for this. I was making ham and beans tomorrow, these may be on the menu.