We Have a Winner for Your Best Hands-Off Recipe Contest

March  9, 2018

Last week, we announced our recipe contest’s two finalists. The theme: Your Best Hands-Off Recipe (also goes by, your laziest, coziest cooking). The face-off: salmon vs. chicken. Here are the stats: Slow-Roasted Salmon, by Joy Huang, sprawls on scallions and ginger and splashes around in sweet soy sauce, only to hop onto fluffy, white rice. Halfsies Chicken, by Mimi, is marinated with sugar (yes, sugar!) and salt, garlic powder and cayenne, for quite some time before being charred on a grill. Which would you rather make first? (Or, if you’ve made both—look at you!—which did you like better?) Hundreds of you answered. Then, last night, we tallied up the votes, and...

...the winner is... Can I get a drumroll, please! Bring on those special effects. Or, you know, just another ellipsis...

Halfsies Chicken!

Congrats, Mimi! This is Mimi’s first recipe on Food52 and we can now, quite literally, say: It's a winner, winner chicken dinner. We can’t wait to see what she’ll post next.

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Stay tuned for next week when we publish a Q&A with Mimi and get to know her a bit better beyond Halfsies. Also, stay tuned for Thursday, March 15 when we reveal our next contest theme. A little clue: Neither of these finalists would be eligible.

What theme would you like to see in our future recipe contests? Let us know in the comments!

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