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Our Newest Cookbook Is Coming in Hot

March 27, 2018

Wishing for warmer weather? We hear you, especially today—since our newest book, Any Night Grilling: 60 Ways to Fire Up Dinner (and More), is finally here! We can't wait to bid our wintertime sweaters and stews goodbye, and get outside to fire up the grill (but thank goodness you can also stay inside for that). Still, it's never too soon to start planning, so that when the warmer weather hits, you'll have everything you want to grill queued up for the coals.

In Any Night Grilling, author, proud Texan, and charcoal enthusiast Paula Disbrowe gives you more than 60 ways to add a little more spark and sizzle to your weeknight routine—with recipes from Grilled Corn Nachos, Smoky Ratatouille, and Porchetta-Style Pork Kebabs, to burgers and brats every which way. There's even a section dedicated to grilled desserts, which you may find yourself referring to every night of the week.

Paula's philosophy is simple: deep, smoky grilled flavors speak for themselves. That's why you won't see long marinades or low, slow cook times in this book. With some know-how and a little planning, grilling can be a quick, unfussy, every day affair. (Trust us—with Paula's help, we even grilled the whole meal you see on the cover with just one batch of coals!)

"Simple" and "unfussy" don't mean boring, though—just check out two recipes from the book below. Hearty cauliflower steaks with a tangy tomatillo harissa? Wings with a Cholula compound butter? Yes, please.

And Any Night Grilling is for your mealtime mainstays, too—it can show you how to dress up the ever-versatile boneless, skinless chicken breast, and gives creative suggestions galore for what to do with that loaf sitting in your bread box.

So, what are you waiting for? Grilling season is soon upon us, and Any Night Grilling can help you strike the iron (or steel, in this case) while it's hot.

Any Night Grilling is out now—here's where you can get a signed copy! When the weather (eventually) turns, what are you looking forward to grilling the most? Tell us below!

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  • Brinda Ayer
    Brinda Ayer
Brinda is the Director of Content at Food52, where she oversees all site content across Food52 and Home52. She likes chewy Neapolitan pizza, stinky cheese of all sorts, and tahini-flavored anything. Brinda lives in Brooklyn with 18 plants and at least one foster pup (sometimes more). Find her at @brindayesterday on Twitter and Instagram.


AntoniaJames April 5, 2018
Brinda, does this book have pages that feature black typeface on grey background (or some other saturated neutral or color)? If so, how many such pages are there? It's just too hard to read those pages in the existing Food52 cookbooks, which is why I won't buy them, or even recommend them.

I should mention that this is not just a problem caused by advancing age. Many younger people with correctable vision impairment have trouble with such impossibly low contrast.
Thank you. ;o)
Brinda A. April 5, 2018
Hi Antonia! The majority of the pages are white in color, with black text. There is a small handful of neutral-colored (sandy/beige) accent pages, but the color contrast is high with the text, and so the dark text definitely stands out. What's more, that dark text is often presented in a bigger size or bolded/emphasized in some way, so it's even more prominent. I hope this helps!