A Creamy, Craveable Egg Salad, Hold the Mayo

March 30, 2018

Every so often, we scour the site for cool recipes from our community that we then test, photograph, and feature. This one comes from beloved, late community member Kukla. We miss her contributions to our community, and want to continue to honor her memory by featuring her recipes, like this bright, spicy egg salad perfect for post-Easter bounty.

Growing up, Easter eggs were a very big deal in the Macdonald home. On Saturday evening, my mom would boil a whole carton of eggs, while my sister and I used old birthday candles to draw designs on the warm shells before dunking our masterpieces into vinegar and dye-filled glasses. By the end of the night, our fingers were stained green and purple and orange and our eggs were ready to be hidden by a magical bunny.

However, after Easter had passed, my sister and I were very much done with eggs. Which was unfortunate for my mom, who wanted the shelving space in her fridge back. For a week (and sometimes longer!), she would try to pawn off 18 brightly colored bites as easy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. Only my dad acquiesced.

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I wish we had discovered this creamy, spicy Georgian egg salad from late community member Kukla sooner. Made with butter instead of mayonnaise, the salad is flavored with walnuts, sage, and a peppery relish. It’s much fresher and brighter than traditional mayo-based egg salads—plus, it’s an easy way to use up a bunch basket of leftover Easter eggs.

This will make everyone look forward to lunch. Photo by Ty Mecham

As community member luvcookbooks describes:

This recipe could be called Revelation Egg Salad. I grew up on egg salad made with Miracle Whip. For the past several years, our family recipe has been the one from “Mark Peel & Nancy Silverton at Home,” but their version is also mayo-based. This one relies on different flavors, with butter, lime, and hot pepper. It’s radical and delicious.

Making this dish is incredibly easy. Just mash the eggs with butter, then stir in walnuts, garlic, sage, lime zest and juice, and adzhika, a hot pepper relish often sold at specialty delis, until the mixture is homogeneous. If you can’t find adzhika, Kukla writes to substitute with chipotle in adobo sauce.

What’s your favorite way to eat egg salad? (And if there’s a recipe in our archive that you think deserves a turn in the spotlight, fill us in on that, too—we might feature it!)

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Jaye B. April 3, 2018
Can't wait to try this, except I'll omit the garlic because I'm not a fan of garlic with eggs. Every time I make egg salad I always start with mayo and then go in many different directions with seasonings and add-ons. One of my many faves is scallions & dill which is a lot less creative than this, so thanks!
kareema April 2, 2018
This sounds like more of a pate or spread than salad, but potato, potatah... ;-)
70&holding April 1, 2018
Well, Bummer! Fresh out of eggs!! Forgot to buy them, yesterday. I refuse to visit any business open on Holidays!!! I no longer have, Easter egg hunt aged children. If I hide them, just for myself, some would be Mummyfied before found! Oh, getting back to this recipe, I will make a copy to try later!
All of the recipes in this post sound interesting!!! Better buy 2 dozen!raf
Kay C. April 1, 2018
I mix hummus with chopped eggs, it makes great sandwiches
Penelope April 1, 2018
This is a perfect Keto recipie! I make an “egg butter” similar to this and I’ve the addition of the herbs and lemon! Going to go Make now.
Penelope April 2, 2018
Funny that you would ask. I have been a food 52er since the beginning practically and since I ha e been doing Keto I have not been looking at the recipies. Then on this day I decided to just take a look see and lo and behold here was a recipie that fits!!! Yay! I will be searching for more now. Really anything thing that is high fat, moderate protein and super low carb. Think holindaise. Also no suger or flour. So alternates like almond or coconut flours etc. I’m excited to see what I find and so glad to be able to wander around food 52 again!!
Niki April 1, 2018
Sounds good! My Russian Jewish grandmother made chopped eggs with caramelized chopped onion bound together with chicken fat. Truly delicious 😋
Markita L. April 1, 2018
Sounds interesting and I may just try it. Thanks for posting an out of the box recipe.
Janine D. April 1, 2018
Whoa, almost a tablespoon of butter per egg. Probably delicious but no.
bellw67 March 31, 2018
I’ll probably stick with mayo but lime, mmm, I’m gonna try that.