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13 Gifts Mom Will Most Definitely Love (& We’re Ordering Right This Minute)

May  1, 2018

PSA: Mother’s Day is just around the bend (May 13, to be exact). We’re here to put Mom at the tip-top of your mind before you catch yourself scrambling last-minute at the drugstore for a gift (even if she does insist that it’s the thought that counts!).

We have a lot to thank Mom for, like giving us the basic skills to get us going in the kitchen, garden, and well, life. Peruse through what we’re getting our own mothers, grandmothers, and mom-like figures this year. You might be inspired to get ahead of your schedule enough to make one of those homemade cards she loves so much, too.

Erin Alexander, Assistant Editor of Partner Content

My mom is a lover of anything vintage or French-inspired. These elegant napkins and kitchen towels are both, and get bonus points for being monogrammed—a unique touch that makes them all the more special.

Alison Green, Full Stack Developer

I am getting my mom one of these wreaths―costs about the same as flowers, but lasts way longer. It’s a beautiful addition to the house and smells great (highly recommend the French herb).


My mom is not a dessert person, but she looooooves bars of chocolate, and she knows about the hottest restaurants in town faster than my friends who actually work in food media (even if it means an 11 p.m. reservation with the whole family in tow). So I’d want to get her something really top quality, like the K+M Extra Virgin Chocolate Bars—the fact they’re developed by Thomas Keller is a bonus.


We jokingly call my mom the Tupperware Queen because she’s an expert at picking the perfect container for leftovers. Her collection is mismatched and getting a little rough, so I know she’d love these in blush.

Valerio Farris, Staff Writer

I think these are so, so pretty, and I’d get her this just as an excuse to look at it every time I go home.

Grace Montgomery, Brand Strategy Director

For Mother’s Day, I’d get my mom the Etched Star Glass Tumblers―I know she loves nice barware, and I think she’d love the delicate style. These Handmade Ceramic Vase & Dried Floral Arrangements also caught my eye for my grandmother. She says fresh flowers make her sad because they inevitably wilt. With these, problem solved!

Sam Stahl, Chief Revenue Officer

It’s finally gardening time in Texas, and every year I get Mom a collection of supplies to get her going!

What are you getting Mom this year? Share all of your great ideas (purchased or homemade) with us below!

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