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Our Founders' Favorite Gift for Any & Every Type of Mom

April 25, 2018

Mother’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate the woman who gave birth to you. It’s a moment to recognize the individuals—from grandmas and aunts to godmothers and mentors—who picked you up when you scraped your knee, listened as you gushed about new love, or taught you to navigate the kitchen. And just as there are so many different definitions of mom, there are countless ways to show them appreciation.

Our co-founders (and moms, themselves!), Amanda and Merrill, know exactly how thoughtful gift-giving should be. Every week, they review and hand-select items for the Food52 Shop, looking both for functional home goods as well as pieces that simply spark joy. And while it’s a challenge to generalize what a “mom” might want, they’ve dedicated the same consideration to this year’s Mother’s Day collection. Check out their favorites below for inspiration.

For the mom who loves to cook: The Wonderbag

"The Wonderbag is like an avant garde sleeping bag for your braises and stews—it keeps them warm and cooking for hours, nestled in a giant poof, which means it travels well, and in style!"

For the mom who loves to garden: The Floral Society Canvas Wall Organizer

"Gardening, like cooking, requires a certain amount of gear, and we love how this sturdy organizer makes it effortless to keep track of your clippers."

For the mom who loves to bake: The Dutch Leather Oven Mitt

"We instantly fell for these oven mitts, which are made of buttery soft and pliable leather."

For the mom who loves a stylish home: Natural Vinyl Floor Mats

"Most floor mats make us want to avert our eyes—these beauties, by contrast, caught them. We love their ombre shades!"

For the mom who loves to host: Mepra's Italian Risotto Saucepan Set

"Risotto is made for guests and we were impressed by the design and quality of this casserole and spoon."

For every/any mom on your list: Farmhouse Pottery's Handmade Ceramic Vase & Dried Floral Arrangement

"We like to off-road from the fresh flower tradition, and get our moms something floral that can last."

What are gifts you've given or received for Mother's Day? Share in the comments below!

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BerryBaby May 4, 2018
She also gives me heirloom tomato plants...Indigo Rose is a favorite. Deep purple with a rose colored top.
A continual gift of love!
BerryBaby April 25, 2018
Original artwork from our daughter every Mother’s Day. It started with beautiful little ceramic pinch pots at 4 yrs old and the tradition continues 30 years later. They are treasures of love ❤️!