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5 Last-Minute Things to Do for Mother's Day

May  7, 2018

Scenario: You’re just living your life—waking up, working, eating, sleeping—and then out of the blue, it’s Mother’s Day. It’s too late to order and ship what she really wanted online, and grabbing something at the store just doesn’t feel personal enough. And a hand-illustrated card stopped being cute after you lost all of your baby teeth.

The clock’s ticking—what should you do?

Well, for one, don’t sweat. I’ve been there! There’s still lots of thoughtful ways to make Mom (or Grandma or Aunt or whomever you want to celebrate) feel special. Here are five ideas you can make in very little time (yes, even day-of if you're reading this that late) and no one will be the wiser. (Although, save yourself some stress and create a reminder for next year.)

A soothing spray

Help her rest easy with a simple DIY linen spray. All you really need are three ingredients: water, vodka or rubbing alcohol, and lavender essential oil.

Handmade Jewelry

You don’t need fancy yarn or a loom to make this stylish knit necklace. Simply knot small strands of yarn around a comfortable chord 40 times and voila—a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

An even-better bouquet

I learned a lot about freshening up store bouquets from Instagram sensation Farmgirl Flowers. A favorite tip? Make sure to stagger your blossoms’ heights.

Pamper with Bathleisure

This simplified bath bomb just takes a few minutes of measuring and stirring. I’d put it in a mason jar for a little extra presentation.

Breakfast in Bed

If you still didn’t have time to make her a present, then gift her with the most thoughtful day-of breakfast of no-fail biscuits, egg and avocado tacos, or perfectly set quiche.

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bookjunky May 7, 2018
That yarn necklace is right up there with the macaroni one he made in preschool. Actually the macaroni necklace was prettier and at least sincere. I would rather have a phone call or go out to lunch and spend some time together than be “gifted” with these last-minute embarrassments.