How to Make Almond Meal (and Butter)

June 24, 2011

Nothin' like nut butter to make our hearts skip a beat. Immersed in the world of gluten-free this week, Merrill was inspired to spread the love. Watch her whip up almond meal, and then butter, with a single "do try this at home" technique. (Note: Works for other nuts as well!)

This week's videos were once again shot and edited our videographer Elena Parker (who now produces our bi-weekly Dinner & a Movie column as well!).

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Stephilis February 28, 2013
Do you think this is something I could do with the almond meal I filter out of my homemade almond milk?
And, would it be possible in a normal blender? I don't have a food processor.
greenchilemaven January 31, 2012
Really like this demonstration. We should all be using our food processors much more often than buying the convenience and higher priced ready made versions of such things. You can buy organic and then you have the organic almond butter. Thanks again.
Nora December 9, 2011
Looks great, Merrill. I'll be trying that.

Question: can a person make almond flour at home? Would it just be the last possible stage in processing almond meal? Thanks!
Bevi July 5, 2011
mariaraynal June 29, 2011
Love this!
jzirinsky June 27, 2011
I have tried this before, and my food processor ran for almost 15 minutes and I couldn't get it past the almond-meal state. Was the video abbreviated or did this really happen in just 3 minutes? I'm still motivated to try it again, I just really want to know how long it takes to get to the butter stage. Thanks!
elenakathryn June 28, 2011
Hi Jzirinksy-
I went back and checked the raw footage. Starting and stopping it took roughly 4 minutes and 4:45 seconds to reach the butter stage. Hope that helps!
elenakathryn June 28, 2011
sorry - that's 45 seconds. 4 minutes, 45 secons
Sagegreen June 26, 2011
thelastmike June 26, 2011
Very cool.
Even when you know something is supposed to be easy and straight-forward it is extremely nice to see it done at least once before having a hand.
I really appreciate the vid as this is something I had thought of doing a couple of times but never got around to and was had a little anxiety about to be honest.
One point of constructive criticism - a small one.
It would have been nice to see it at the end put into a jar or measuring device to get a good image of just how much butter was produced by the 2 cups of nuts.
boulangere June 25, 2011
Any plans for a nut-free recipe contest?
wssmom June 26, 2011
I would love that; my son is allergic to peanuts ....
nogaga June 25, 2011
This is one of those great posts. It made me wonder why I ever buy any nut butters... Plus, its hypnotic ;)
Panfusine June 26, 2011
mesmerizing to watch the whole almonds morph into butter!