Chocolate & Chorizo Belong in Your Grilled Cheese—Really

May 14, 2018

Black and navy. Peanut butter and hamburgers. Jay-Z and Linkin Park. Some things just don’t feel like they should work together. But in a strange, unorthodox way, the contrast blends into something exciting and new.

With this in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a sweet, savory sandwich that’s perfect for an easy lunch or late-night munch: the chèvre, chorizo, and chocolate panini.

So nice to meet you! Photo by Rocky Luten

Developed by cheese enthusiast/expert and author Tia Keenan in the latest iteration from Short Stacks, she instructs cooks to carefully select each ingredient:

Choose only the porkiest chorizo, the richest, darkest chocolate (more than 70%, please), the zippiest, creamiest chèvre, and the freshest, crustiest bread. Then let them wallow in their co-dependence: The citrusy chèvre appeases the fiery ’tude of the chorizo, and the mellowing tannins of dark chocolate hit high-toned chèvre like a sweet kiss.

There’s one other component to the sandwich not found in the ingredients list—time. Each side of the panini should get 4 minutes in the skillet, creating the perfect contrast of hot, toasty bread and soft, velvety cheese.


So cast aside your notions of what should go together. Make this panini and bask in the weird and wonderful flavors of a porky, chocolatey grilled cheese.

What’s your favorite unexpected flavor combination? How’d you discover it?

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