How to De-Kernel Corn

July  1, 2011

There is something extremely dangerous about standing an ear of corn on end and slicing down. And, oh how the kernels fly! Kristen tipped Merrill off to a new (and obvious?) way to denude an ear more safely. What now? Two words: Rhonda's Succotash.

This week's videos were once again shot and edited our videographer Elena Parker (who now produces our bi-weekly Dinner & a Movie column as well!).

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Joslyn August 8, 2013
I use a bundt pan - just place the stalk end in the center hole and run a knife top to bottom around the ear and all the corn ends up contained in the bundt pan - so fast and so easy.
JSCooks August 29, 2012
I learned this trick from Joey Altman when we were writing his cookbook, Without Reservations. I've used it ever since then, and when I do cooking demos that involve corn I always show it, almost always eliciting the response: "why didn't I think of that!" (And with the utmost respect, I do concur with others re: "hi guys" -- not only is it a throw-away, but most of us aren't guys. Otherwise, love your great site!)
wcl August 29, 2012
this kernel cutting technique sure seems to reduce the corn flying all over the kitchen. however the problem i have (that is more disconcerting) is when i scrape the cob to get all that juicy goodness that is left after the cut. the juice flys all over (predominantly on my glasses) and is really a pain to get off of things due to its sugar/starch content. any ideas for that ?
Martin69 August 29, 2012
Can you still afford corn???!!!
JanetFL July 26, 2012
Many thanks to Kristen and Merrill for an easy and great tip that I never would have thought up myself. This is now my technique for stripping corn.
pepperoncini June 28, 2012
Also another note, I to had terrible lagging when trying to view this video, that was disappointing.
pepperoncini June 28, 2012
Great idea!
I always blanch my corn first then cut it off the cob. I've tried corn shredders but they seem to mush up the corn to much so I went back to cutting it with a knife.
dragonladyevelyn June 27, 2012
This video didn't work for me...awwww...I wanted to see it
Rosemary M. June 27, 2012
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•Use the brush side of the Corn Zipper to quickly brush silk off your corn on the cob.
•Use the sharp blades on the other side to easily remove the kernels from the cob a few rows at a time.

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•Includes blade protector for safe storage.

forget I. June 27, 2012
Lose the "hi guys" please. I'm so tired of hearing that said to us that I reduce the amount of the tip after the 3rd time I hear it. Hi is plenty. It' way overdone in about all the food service business.
Merrill S. June 29, 2012
If you have feedback, there's a more constructive way to offer it. Just as you "reduce the amount of the tip after the 3rd time I hear it," I'm less likely to take your recommendation seriously because of its tone.
forget I. June 27, 2012
Lose the "hi guys" please. I'm so tired of hearing that said to us that I reduce the amount of the tip after the 3rd time I hear it. Hi is plenty. It' way overdone in about all the food service business.
meetsaucygirl August 5, 2011
I use a microplane! It works perfectly and is super quick.
meetsaucygirl August 5, 2011
Oops, I meant so say a mandolin. It works perfectly. Just put in on a 1/2 or less setting. Amazing!
Merrill S. August 5, 2011
Wow, great idea!
jay-j July 13, 2011
The best way to de-kernel corn is to use your fingers. It's the best and safest method. With the knife, you leave the germ behind. With your finger, you get the whole kernel, germ and all. Try it.
Laura Y. July 13, 2011
Great tip!
f52otf July 7, 2011
Video not working?
Sodium G. July 5, 2011, I can't believe that this technique never crossed any of our minds before! Ingenious! One of the many many many reasons I LOVE THIS SITE! Thanks ladies.
Merrill S. July 11, 2011
You're very welcome!
Kensington A. July 4, 2011
But -- please drop the Hi Guys and 'guys" patter.
MissLindyS July 4, 2011
I am with you all the way on the "guys" thing.
AntoniaJames July 4, 2011
As am I. Emphatically. ;o)
annieb July 4, 2011
Great idea, why didn't I think of that one!
chez_mere July 3, 2011
So glad I watched this. I work at a summer camp and there is always leftover corn from our Sunday night grill out. Finally an effective way to get it off the cob and into the salad bar!
thecrabbycook July 3, 2011
Love this. Using the old method, I end up with half the corn on the floor, which makes my dog ecstatic, but makes me very irritable. I'm changing methods! (The dog will have to cope.)