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18 Irresistible Summer Pies That Basically Scoop the Ice Cream For You

July  5, 2018

"Apples, peaches, pumpkin pieeee..." Oh wait, no, that's not quite right, this time of year the song should go more like: Peaches, blueberries, raspberry pie. Or maybe, plums, cherries, blackberry pie. Either way, you get the idea, there's a lot of ripe, juicy fruit at the market right now, just waiting to be baking into a pie (or two, or three).

That's exactly what our Baking Club members have been up to this month, as we're baking through Melissa and Emily Elsen's The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book (it's filled with cult-favorite recipes from their Brooklyn pie shop). And that's exactly what you should do, too. We've rounded up 18 of our fruit-laden favorites, and we think they're all berry good options if we do say so ourselves.



cup of iced coffee to go with that pie?

peaches & plums

Raspberries & Blackberries

What pies are you planning on baking up next?

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Mikel O. July 27, 2018
I"ve never met a pie I didn't like! From Gooseberry to Rhubarb, STrawberry to Mincemeat and all areas in between! With my mom's Mennonite background, pies are usually the top dessert. Two that are fantastic are Apricot and Mulberry. I've had people tell me to just substitute peach for apricot, but there is a difference.
Cookease July 27, 2018
Though marked with a Pinterest P, site says one cannot put it on PINTEREST
Lindsay-Jean H. July 27, 2018
Hi there, I just tested the Pinterest button and was able to pin the article. Any chance you're not signed in to your Pinterest account?
Cookease July 27, 2018
No...however I sent it via email to myself..and was allowed to Pin...every once in awhile this seems to happen
Lindsay-Jean H. July 27, 2018
I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but am glad you were able to figure out a solution. I'll let our product team know, too, so they're aware of the issue.
Cookease July 27, 2018
Thought you might like to are my FAVORITE SITE!
Lindsay-Jean H. July 31, 2018
Thanks Cookease! I wanted to circle back to provide additional information for the product team, were you originally trying to use the Pinterest button at the top left of the page?
Winifred R. July 9, 2018
I'd love recommendations on where to order frozen pie cherries. Anyone with suggestions for where to get 5 to 10 pounds?
Isabella August 18, 2018
If you have a Gordon's Food Service store near you they usually have a 10 pound bag of frozen pie cherries there. Excellent quality and it is my "go-to"place when baking cherry pies, etc. never have been disappointed and at a good price to boot!!
Winifred R. August 19, 2018
I will check, thank you. Much appreciated.