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These Mixing Bowls Are Good Enough for the Royal Family? Sign Us Up

July 20, 2018

The hullabaloo over the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be over...but not for us. Sure, we loved the hats and the choir and the drama. But most of all we were in it for the cake. The cake and the beautiful bowls the cake was mixed in.

Harry and Meghan turned to pastry chef Claire Ptak’s Violet Bakery for their big day. (Ptak trained at Chez Panisse before moving to London, where she worked at Moro and St. John before opening her own obsession-worthy spot.)

The couple eschewed the traditional wedding fruitcake in favor of Claire’s modern take.

Ptak’s wedding cake—as we all now know—was a lemon sponge cake with an elderflower syrup drizzle, layered with lemon curd, and covered in Swiss meringue buttercream with elderflower, and topped with fresh flowers, one of Ptak’s signatures.

The bowls Ptak relied on as she and her team built their gorgeous dessert? Why, Mason Cash, of course!

For more than 200 years, Mason Cash has been making earthenware bowls that are beloved on both sides of the pond, from The Great British Bake Off and the classic Two Fat Ladies to the Pioneer Woman, who sells the bowls in her shop.

Why are these bowls so great, you ask? “The longevity of home cooks' romance with Mason Cash is due to its undeniable utility,” we’ve written before on our site.

Snuggle the mixing bowl firmly under the crook of your arm and the raised pattern acts as a grip while you whip your batters into submission. No slippery twisting and turning. The bowls will last a lifetime with nary a chip or color fade-out. Pop them in the microwave and dishwasher without worry (or handwash—it'll only take a few wipes thanks to the slick enamel).

Their reliability and usefulness is something Claire Ptak, Mary Berry, Ree Drummond, and Food52 can all agree on. Are these bowls the answer to world peace? Probably not, but we can dream...and stock up on Mason Cash’s new lilac batter bowls in the meantime.

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Bunny Schulman

Written by: Bunny Schulman

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judy July 21, 2018
Are Mason Cash bowls from the T Green company who previously made the Gripstand bowls?