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We're On Our Way to the Ultimate Wooden Spoons, Thanks to You

August  8, 2018

Every kitchen needs a trusty wooden spoon. Which is why when we decided to develop our very own for our line of Food52 home and kitchen products, we wanted to hear what you love about yours. Instead of asking you questions, we requested photos or videos (or both!) telling us what shape, wood, or length makes the perfect spoon.

You’ve already helped us develop and design the very best cutting boards, kitchen mats, mixing bowls, and kitchen towels. Now, here’s what we learned about your dream spoons:

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  • Diane Gyuricza
    Diane Gyuricza
  • Monica Jardine-Lange
    Monica Jardine-Lange
  • Upsidedownstrawberries
  • Claire Erickson
    Claire Erickson
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Diane G. November 15, 2018
I'd love to see a soup ladle with double pour sides

Monica J. November 10, 2018
Please include where the object was made. This is important to many of us. I am always trying to buy things that are made in a country where the employees make a living wage
Upsidedownstrawberries August 10, 2018
I looove my earlywood saute utensils too. The only time I use a wooden spoon now is when I’m plating or tasting. Their beautiful rolling pin is at the top of my Christmas list ❤️
Claire E. August 8, 2018
Fortunately/unfortunately the perfect spoons already exist! They are made by a small company based in Red Lodge, Montana called Earlywood. They also carry a variety of saute tools, scrapers, cutting boards and a gorgeous French rolling pin. Their stuff is super high quality, just like a utensil your grandmother would have used! Check them out!