Julia Turshen’s Curried Egg Salad Is the Easiest Egg Salad, Thanks to This Trick

From her latest cookbook, Now & Again.

September 28, 2018

On Saturday mornings, just as the rest of the world wakes up, I’m already in the kitchen. I have butter browning in my skillet, onions finely diced, and a slurry of eggs and cheese waiting in the wings. I just love starting my weekend with scrambled eggs, especially when I get to share with family and friends.

But sometimes I get a little exuberant with my egg cracking, or overestimate how much my loved ones can eat. The result—a sad pile of uneaten eggs, and a desperate search for ways to use them.

Which is why I was very excited when I discovered how Julia Turshen repurposes leftover scrambles in her latest cookbook, Now & Again: a soulful, intensely satisfying curried egg salad.

Yes, this beauty. Photo by Julia Gartland

To give breakfast a new lease on life, you just need three ingredients: curry, mayo, and (of course) those leftover eggs:

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“ Curry and mayo with scrambled eggs or boiled eggs. Works every time:)”
— Kelly

"Let them cool to room temperature (which they probably already are if they’re leftover), put them into a bowl, and break them up with a spoon," Turshen says. "Add a good shake of curry powder and then bind with as much mayonnaise as you like (egg salad is a very personal thing). Or you can use half mayonnaise and half plain Greek yogurt if you want to lighten things a bit. Taste and adjust the seasoning with salt and curry powder if needed."

These taste great as is, but feel free to pile on top of crunchy, toasted flatbreads or stuff into pita with a bright chutney.

But my favorite way to eat them? Late-night spoonfuls to fight away Sunday scaries.

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Beth April 21, 2022
Who has leftover scrambled eggs? Not me! But if I did, this recipe sounds good, like my hardboiled egg salad, except I add a little sweet pickle relish as well as everything else.
Paula A. March 1, 2020
I add a bit of vidalia onion to the mixture. Delicious!
Kelly October 29, 2018
Curry and mayo with scrambled eggs or boiled eggs. Works every time:)