It’s Mug Week! Here’s What 20 Ceramicists Are Drinking From Their Favorite Mugs

In one sip-worthy sentence.

November  5, 2018
It's chai o'clock. Photo by Julia Gartland

With noisy leaves underfoot, scarves piling up by the front door, and small sweater-clad dogs taking over the streets, there's no doubt hot-beverage season is in full swing. And while everyone is earnestly discussing the best way to mull cider and make coffee taste exactly like pumpkin pie, we’re over here thinking about what to drink it in. You see, no matter where you hail from or what you sip in the morning, it’s likely you have a favorite mug. Turns out even the people who make mugs have a favorite mug!

This month, we gave 20 ceramicists a creative mission, if you will: Design a mug that best represents who you are as an artist. In all honesty, none of us were prepared for the variety of shapes, colors, and array of aesthetics that came rolling in—and now, we’re kinda going berserks over this limited-edition collection that's exclusive to us.

But back to cozy, piping-hot drinks. In addition to giving us an A+ mug, each artist also told us what’ll be warming them up all season long. Read on to see what they said…but maybe put the kettle on first.

Edith Bourgault from Art et Manufacture: "Cappuccino with brown sugar on the top. First thing in the morning!"

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James Zilian from Farmhouse Pottery: "On a brisk fall morning, it's nice to sit outside with my Tall Silo mug by Farmhouse Pottery filled with a hot coconut-milk latte sweetened naturally with our Vermont Farmhouse maple syrup, a truly authentic New England tradition."

Art et Manufacture. Photo by Ty Mecham
Farmhouse Pottery. Photo by Ty Mecham

Kim Gilmour from FisheyeBrooklyn: "Earl Grey tea."

Photo by Ty Mecham

Asya Palatova from Gleena Ceramics: "I drink coffee first thing in the morning. I have a giant 24-ounce cup that I made with “gardener” stamped inside it. I walk around my garden with it and pull weeds."

Helen Levi from Helen Levi Ceramics: "My beverage of choice is strong black tea with milk and honey. I don't drink coffee!"

Gleena Ceramics. Photo by Ty Mecham
Helen Levi Ceramics. Photo by Ty Mecham

Ivy Weinglass from IIIVVVYYY Ceramics: "Coffee! Coffee, coffee, and more coffee! But I am getting into a perfect cup of peppermint tea at night—that I've been really enjoying."

Photo by Ty Mecham

Laura Wolfgang from Wolfgang Ceramics: "Coffee!"

Photo by Ty Mecham

Trudy Crane from Looks Like White: "Matcha! I make a matcha latte every morning in one of my mugs. It makes me so happy to be able to wrap my hands around one of my pieces and feel the texture and warmth of the mug."

Kristi Sloniger from Moonstar Pottery: "Green tea of course!"

Looks Like White Photo by Ty Mecham
Moonstar Pottery. Photo by Ty Mecham

Farrah Sit from Light + Ladder: "Warmed soy or hemp milk with cardamom and nutmeg—it’s my sleep tincture."

Photo by Ty Mecham

Sarah Cihat: "Coffee with half-and-half. I go to bed at night excited about drinking my coffee in the morning. What a gift!"

Jonathan Sawyer from Sawyer Ceramics: "Coffee."

Sarah's Cihat. Photo by Ty Mecham
Jonathan's Sawyer. Photo by Ty Mecham

Jono Pandolfi: "Coffee! Good, strong, pour over coffee."

Photo by Ty Mecham

Julie Hadley: "Loose-leaf Darjeeling tea from Makaibari estate."

Photo by Ty Mecham

Erin Connelly from Shelter Collection: "Coffee. Coffee. Coffee (I have a small problem). I really love hugging the mug when my hot coffee is in it. The curved taper of the mug feels so cozy in my hands."

James Murray from Simon Pearce: "Hot chocolate made with raw cacao and maple syrup."

Shelter Collection. Photo by Ty Mecham
Simon Pearce. Photo by Ty Mecham

Marian Bull: "A generous pour of black coffee, just like my mom, Katie, takes it."

Photo by Ty Mecham

Virginia Sin from SIN: "I'm addicted to...COFFEE. I especially love City of Saints Coffee Roasters' Aricha. It's an Ethiopian blend with 'strawberry milkshake' notes."

Janelle Beaulieu from Stuck in the Mud Pottery: "Easy...strong coffee with cream and a dash of cinnamon. My everyday go-to."

SIN. Photo by Ty Mecham
Stuck in the Mud Pottery. Photo by Ty Mecham

Morgan Williamson from Handmade Studio TN: "Cappuccino. We are lucky enough to have a coffee bar in our studio and this is my guilty pleasure!"

Photo by Ty Mecham

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Maggie Slover

Written by: Maggie Slover