Nifty Gifty Holidays

13 Nifty Gifts Our Buyers Are Swooning Over This Holiday

When a professional shopper wants something, you know it's good.

December  3, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

Welcome to Nifty, Gifty Holidays, our guide for all the little, magical ways we make the season sparkle. Today, we’re tapping our amazing buyers for all of the special things that are striking their fancy this season.

When your job requires you to shop for a living, you develop a keen eye for standout products that are a cut above. Our talented buying team—yes, those same trusty elves that bring you all of the beautiful home and kitchen helpers we sell on this site—can sniff out a bestseller from a mile away. It seemed only natural, then, that we hit them up for the wish list items they're hoping Santa will leave under the tree this holiday. (In some cases, they're not even waiting for Santa!)

Kristina Wasserman, Director of Merchandising & Product Development

I have been eyeing online jewelry store Mejuri for a few months now, and finally purchased over Black Friday weekend (they had a 20 percent off code running and felt like it was time to treat myself). I love how timeless the designs are and that prices are not insane. I'm hoping these earrings will be as high quality and lovely as they look!

I'm really into a few things right now: 1. earth tones, 2. pantsuits, and 3. corduroy. So when I saw them all together in this outfit, I decided to take the plunge and get the coordinated set. It's a lot of LOOK, but love the idea of being playful with fashion and wearing something that makes me smile. It'll definitely be my new go-to for any important meetings or upcoming winter trade shows.

Left: These earrings will *make* an outfit. | Right: The new power suit, am I right? Photo by Mejuri, Asos

Trevor Adams, Merchandising Coordinator

I've had my eye on this brew kettle for a while! It will be a great upgrade to my existing 8-gallon pot for beer brewing. And with the false bottom, I will also be able to steam tamales for Christmas!

So much beer awaits. Photo by Northern Brewer

Induction cooktops are so precise. When it comes to home brewing, preparing delicate sauces, and melting chocolate, they're the way to go. I'm looking forward to treating myself to this guy this holiday.

Louise de Verteuil, Assistant Buyer

I own many a thing, but a rain coat isn't one of them. This Rains Long Jacket is the perfect mix between classic and cool, and comes in a ton of colors. I'll be getting the rose for myself.

I've had my eye on the Notem Planner and Notebook. I love to switch up my work planners and these simple layouts stood out to me. A perfect way to start a new year on the right foot!

Left: A cheery spot to the next rainy day. | Right: Organizing never looked so good. Photo by Rains, Notem

Aja Aktay, Associate Buyer

When the holiday runaround is over, I can't wait to throw on some pj's and snuggle up with a soft blanket and book (can't wait to dig into this one and this one, in particular).

This time of year, all I really want is comfort. Give me some shearling Birks, this Frannie sweater, and a cozy beret for weekend winter walks.

Left: Weekend catnaps await. | Right: No cold toes here. Photo by Lauren Manoogian, Birkenstock

What's on your holiday wish list? Let us know below!

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