41 Gifts $20 and Under That'll Make You A Hero

And, you know, not destroy your wallet.

November 10, 2020
Photo by Ty Mecham

Is it impossible to find a gift that’s useful, design-worthy, and inexpensive—but not a cheap tchotchke that will get tossed in next month’s decluttering? It seems so, especially when the holidays creep up on you—somehow, no matter how much you plan ahead, time is never on your side.

Thankfully, beautiful, practical, wallet-friendly gifts do exist, and we’ve done the digging to find them for you. Each of these 41 gift ideas ring at $20 or under—somewhere between the cost of a greeting card and a bottle of good wine, but last much longer—and often come with free, fast shipping. Keep this list handy for knockout gifts on a budget, whatever the occasion. You’re welcome.

1. Papier d'Armenie Arménie, $6.50

These oh-so-French little papers, when lit, give off the delicate scents of incense, myrrh, wood, and vanilla.

2. Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens, $7.99

Truly some of the greatest pens around, these are the most likely to be used all the way up instead of getting lost like so many lesser pens.

3. Compact Zipper Dopp Kit, $7.99

A cheap gift for anyone in your life: a dapper dopp kit.

Photo by Target

4. Leatherman 9, $8.80

Here’s a small but mighty gift idea: a tiny, multi-talented gadget by Leatherman. This one has a box wrench, screwdriver, box opener, and bottle opener, all in the size of a tortilla chip.

5. Aesop Rinse-Free Hand Wash, $10

Aesop’s rinse-free hand wash refreshes and cleanses without the water.

6. Small Scandanavian-Inspired Teapot, $10

Bundle this little guy up with a set of loose leaf teas, and it’s an ideal gift for a tea-lover.

7. Ombre Taper Candle Set, $12

Even if the receiver never actually lights these, a gorgeous set of taper candles are essential for any dining table or styled shelf—and these are particularly gorgeous.

Photo by Urban Outfitters

8. Japanese-Style Flower Frog, $12.24

For the amateur florist, this palm-sized tool is the trick to creating irreverent, wild flower arrangements.

9. Net Shopping Bags (Set of 2), $12.89

Gift these net carry-all bags and as a bonus, fill with fresh fruits, bread, and flowers.

10. Iris Hantverk Almond Butter Soap On A Rope, $12.95

Nostalgic soap on a rope gets a Swedish upgrade.

Photo by CB2

11. Personalized Water Bottle, $14.39

So they can hydrate in style, and potentially, never lose a bottle again.

12. Brass Angled Jigger, $14.50

A lovely little jigger (for measuring alcohol in mixed drinks) will either start or complete someone’s bar cart set—it’s a win regardless.

13. Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet, $14.88

You can’t go wrong with gifting a cast-iron pan. This one will last a lifetime, at a surprisingly low price. If you ask us, it’s one of the best things you can buy on Amazon.

14. Set of 8 Whiskey Stones, $14.95

For the whiskey-rocks lover and person who hates a watered-down drink alike: classic freezable stones.

15. Succulent Decoration, $14.99

Everyone loves a succulent, especially a succulent they cannot kill.

Photo by IKEA

16. Pierre Poivre N.7 Seasoning Blend, $15

This eight-pepper blend can be used to season anything from salmon and grilled steaks to oven-roasted vegetables.

17. Cubemighties Super Strong Magnets, $15.95

These little guys hang on tight to the fridge, but keep a slim profile for less clutter.

18. Smart Plugs, $15.99

Giving a smart plug—which transforms a regular appliance into a “smart” one, operable from your phone—means giving the gift of starting the coffee from your phone, without getting out of bed.

19. Terracotta Plant Waterers, $15.99

What to give the couple who leaves town every weekend? This set of six terracotta plant waterers will keep their houseplants happy and hydrated.

20. Set of 2 Icon Quarter Socks, $16

A grab-bag idea that everyone will want? Trendy tie-dye socks with cute little faces.

Photo by Urban Outfitters

21. Monogram Trinket Dish, $16

Okay, so maybe they don’t need another trinket dish, but surely they’ll want this delicate and dainty box to house rings and things.

22. Stainless Steel Ice Pack, $16

A sleek, reusable stainless steel ice pack will delight hikers, campers, and outdoorsy types (beach-goers and picnickers too).

23. AmazonBasics Stemless Wine Glasses, $16.79

For an A++ gift, spring for a bottle of wine to go alongside these surprisingly affordable stemless glasses.

24. Celia White Vase, $16.95

Add a spray of flowers to this vase for a lovely housewarming gift.

Photo by CB2

25. Wire Basket With Copper Handle, $16.99

You can never have too many wire baskets. Plus, we love the modern styling of this one.

26. Fredericks & Mae Paper Games, $17.96

This fresh spin on classic paper and pencil games includes five fun two-player games.

27. Mini Stainless Steel Watering Can, $17.99

For the plant parent in your life, consider a practical but elegant (and small space-friendly) watering can.

28. Ruffled Linen Pillowcovers, $17.99

Real-deal linen? Adorable ruffle detail? Under $20? Yep, you’ve gotta get these for someone. Or yourself.

Photo by H&M

29. Bee’s Wrap Reusable Bread Wrap, $18

Give the eco-conscious (or carb-loving) person in your life a sustainable way to keep bread fresh.

30. Stackable Popsicle Molds, $18

For kids and kids at heart: This set of four popsicle molds stacks to save space in the freezer.

31. P.F. Candle Co. Room Spray, $18

A travel-friendly spray that allows you to carry your favorite scent to rooms and bed sheets wherever you go.

32. Faux Sheepskin, $18.98

This faux sheepskin looks great thrown over a chair or at the end of a bed—and is available via Amazon Prime.

33. Striped Turkish Hand Towels, $19.50

Gently striped towels are a welcome addition to any bathroom, especially when they’re 100% organic cotton.

Photo by West Elm

34. Set of 4 Resin Coasters, $19.95

Table protection never looked so chic.

35. Pretty City by Tezza Wall Prints, $19.99

These ready-to-frame photography prints are an Instagram-favorite.

36. Bedside Night Water Carafe With Tumbler, $19.99

This glass bedside carafe makes an effortlessly chic bridal shower gift.

37. Food52 Your Do-Anything Kitchen, $20

For anyone who’s gotten serious about cooking and making their best kitchen this past year (what else was there to do?), this guide to the best set-up kitchen (ever!) will be infinitely helpful.

Photo by Rocky Luten

38. Garden Jar Herb Kit, $20

Know someone who got into regrowing their scallion cuttings during quarantine? These kits are for them.

39. Vintage Silver-Plated Spreader, $20

A vintage silver-plated spreader makes a one-of-a-kind gift. Optional: Tuck in a jar of jam.

40. Five Two Wool Dryer Balls, $20

Quicker drying times, softer clothes, and a smaller environmental impact are all wrapped up in this simple gift.

41. Bloody Mary Salt Duo, $20

Any Bloody Mary drinker knows they’re only as good as their spiced rim, and since we’re all brunching less outside of the house, these are a welcome addition to a home bar.

What are your go-to gifts under $20? Let us know in the comments!

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