New Year's Eve

12 Super-Quick Snacks You Can Make for Tonight That Don't Feel Last Minute at All

Need-now appetizers, coming right up.

December 31, 2018

How much prep have I done for my New Year’s Eve party tonight? Ahem. I don’t know. How much prep have you done? But guys, it’s totally fine. Because if any holiday is all about the small bites and snacks (and sips!), it’s New Year’s Eve. These are some of our quickest, easiest appetizers on the site—and also some of our most delicious. Lucky us.

Cut up some vegetables, serve them with this:

Pistachios and fresh dill make this dip as colorful as the raw vegetables alongside. Meanwhile, Greek yogurt and feta bring lots of creaminess—and tanginess and saltiness, too, so the whole thing feels bright, not heavy.

This dip may be little more than sautéed spinach and strained yogurt, but it'll steal the show all the same. Don't be shy with the crushed walnuts and dried mint on top. As shayma, the author notes: "Therein lies the beauty of this dish—the use of a woodsy, earthy dried herb."

Tastes like the very best red pepper–hummus—thanks to ingredients like tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic—but not a chickpea in sight. Here, garbanzo beans make way for cauliflower, which roasts at the same time as those red peppers.

Almost as easy as opening up a container of sour cream and lil' packet of onion soup mix! Here, most of the flavor comes from roasted seaweed, with pep and zing from rice vinegar, sesame oil, and fresh garlic.

Cold weather wants warm noshes. (We do, too.)

Do as Seattle-based, James Beard Award–winning chef Renee Erickson does and serve these with a mountain of ricotta and lots of bubbly. The details—warm dates? fried in olive oil? sprinkled with salt?—may sound odd, but only until you try them.

I like to think of mozzarella in carrozza as grilled cheese meets French toast. If you're thinking, Grilled cheese as an appetizer?! Well, yes, grilled cheese as an appetizer. Cut the sandwiches in fingers or squares, so everyone can grab a piece (or five) and dunk in the jammy sauce.

Frozen puff pastry to the rescue! In this recipe from our co-founder Merrill Stubbs, it needs no more than tangy Dijon, nutty Parmesan, and a pinch of black pepper to transform into pinwheels that are totally elegant, but couldn't be simpler.

Hello, they're from a book called The Elegant Hors d'Oeuvre. You might notice that the ingredient list has—let's see—four ingredients (five if you count the chutney) and zero measurements. That's why it's Genius.

You know what goes good with bubbly? Cheese.

In her latest book, Everyday Dorie, Dorie Greenspan writes that she's never made this cheesy dip the same way twice. Play around with the herbs and accompaniments and make it your own.

We often drink wine with cheese—but who would've though to shake the two together in a jar? Heidi Swanson. This dip is as last-minute as it gets, just right with seedy crackers, and yeah, it goes great with wine, too.

Okay, okay, so it's not actually cheese. This cashew-based queso gets all its cheesy goodness from nutritional yeast—plus a big dose of umami from tomato paste.

Meanwhile, this dip is extra cheesy. Many hot spinach-artichoke dips are cream cheese–based. This one is as much cream cheese as ultra-sharp cheddar, which helps cut through all the richness.

What are some of your standby speedy appetizers? Share ideas in the comments!

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