Don't Leave Amsterdam Without Trying These 6 Must-Eat Snacks

They're all so Gouda.

January 28, 2019
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In college, I spent a semester studying abroad in Amsterdam—and after four months, my jeans had gotten pretty snug (even though I biked everywhere, hmm...). While the city might be known best for Heineken and legalized marijuana, it’s also a serious snacking destination.

From traditional Dutch fare to grocery store staples, here are six bites you simply must eat next time you’re in Amsterdam.

Belgian-Style Fries

I’m almost positive that I ate more fries during the four months I spent in Amsterdam than I had in my entire life. At any of the city’s countless Vlaamse friet stands, you’ll get a large paper cone filled to the brim with crispy fries, and a side of mayonnaise for dipping (don’t knock it ‘til you've tried it!). Mayo is now my go-to fry condiment. One of the most popular stands is Manneken Pis—it’s a chain that’s open pretty late, so you can swing by for a late-night snack.


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Dutch supermarkets sell these by the pack (and so does Trader Joe’s!), but stroopwafels are best hot and fresh off the waffle iron. Visit Albert Cuypmarket in the morning for this treat: two paper-thin waffles stuck together with a layer of caramel-y syrup.


More of a pancake person? Poffertjes, pronounced “po-fer-jus” are round, fluffy pancakes that are cooked in special pans—visit a market to get a glimpse of the action, then buy a bag of these buttery bites coated in powdered sugar.

FEBO Kroket

FEBO just might be the ultimate food to have after a fun night out. This self-serve “automat” eatery has everything from fries to milkshakes, but the croquettes are the standouts. Available in beef and veal, these two-bite savory snacks are hot, crispy, and just plain delicious. There are 22 FEBO locations in Amsterdam alone, so there will always be a kroket at your fingertips. Plus, its slogan “de leekerste” translates to “the tastiest,” so you really can’t go wrong.


You just can’t go to Holland without eating traditional gouda—the Dutch love their dairy, and this cheese is no exception. Pop by the Cheese Museum to sample flavors like pesto and mushroom, or just buy a wedge of the stuff at any Amsterdam-area supermarket.

Tony’s Chocolonely

These colorfully-wrapped Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars are something of a cult favorite in Amsterdam. In addition to being delicious, this candy is fair trade, so you can really feel good about eating it. If you love Nutella, definitely grab a bar of the milk chocolate hazelnut.

Have you been to Amsterdam? Let us know your favorite eats below!

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Christina W. February 9, 2019
How is oliebollen not on this list?
Janet K. February 10, 2019
Because they only eat it at New Year's.
Christina W. February 10, 2019
Yes and poffertjes are a holiday food as well. Both are now sold as a street food. Far as long as I can remember there have always been more oliebollen stands in Amersterdam with poffertjes being a bit harder to find except during Christmas and some national holidays.
Darlene R. February 1, 2019
You have try a Good Beans, a cozy little coffee shop in the heart of Amsterdam - Binnen Oranjestraat 4. Good Beans is on a mission to make ethically-sourced specialty coffee more approachable. The coffee is the best, the barista’s are friendly and it’s just a great place to hang and re-charge. They also feature art from local artists. Really a special place.
katiethisdell January 30, 2019
This is a good start... but there are SO MANY more great foods (and snacks!) to try in Amsterdam! I'd love to share more!
(Also, I'm so glad to have discovered Food52 is finally available to read again in the EU! Oh happy day!)
Courtney B. January 29, 2019
No bitterballen? They are the best!
Janet K. January 29, 2019
My Dutch husband loves frikadel, a sausage served with mayo. Also lekkerbekje, the fried flat fish. We ate it at a market standing up. Starting in the fall in anticipation of Christmas they make these speculaas cookies stuffed with almond paste that are addictive. My Dutch friends and relatives agree.
Carrie S. January 28, 2019
I cannot believe you forgot herring (slaps forehead)
dkv January 29, 2019
I scrolled down to write just that!