5 Comforting Breakfasts to Make Any Morning 10x Better

These easy, creamy recipes will soothe the sounds of your alarm clock.

September  9, 2019

Rise and Shine, because we've partnered with Milk to bring you our latest contest: your all-time best creamy breakfast recipe starring real milk. Read on for all the delicious, dreamy details.

There are few things I love more than hitting the snooze button at least four times (sometimes five or six, if I'm super-duper comfy) before finally rolling out of bed.

One of those things: a creamy, comforting breakfast, like a berry-topped bowl of warm oats or a plate of buttery-soft scrambled eggs. Coincidentally—or not, you can't blame a girl for wanting to add a few new dishes to her morning repertoire—that just so happens to be the theme of our latest and greatest recipe contest.

Lucky for me (and the world), your submissions did not disappoint. In fact, they almost made me want to become a "morning person." And yes, that is a very big deal.

So without further ado, the top five recipe entries are:

1. Creamy Baked Eggs by sdebrango

A luscious béchamel sauce makes these creamy baked eggs anything but average—the baby spinach, plump cherry tomatoes, and crispy bacon bits don't hurt, either.

2. Oatmeal Banana Nut Pudding Cake by jessinkitchen

This one-skillet, custardy cake combines two beloved morning foods (oatmeal and banana) plus a few of our favorite toppings to make the ultimate breakfast cake—yeah, it's a thing.

3. Scallion Potato Cakes With Sausage Gravy by inpatskitchen

These gravy-smothered potato cakes come together fastest when you prep a few things—the creamy, sausage-y gravy and potato mixture—the night before and heat everything up the next morning.

4. Savory Breakfast "Oatsotto" with An Egg by DoubleNegative

Classic breakfast oats get the risotto treatment in this salty-spicy dish, which is wonderfully creamy and flavorful thanks to real milk. Basically, you couldn't ask for a better wake-up call.

5. Peaches & Cream Power Smoothie by Leslie Engel

This recipe should be your first destination if you've got ripe summer peaches on hand—they get blitzed to silky perfection along with almond butter, dried apricots, Greek yogurt, and flax seeds for a nourishing start to the day.

Which of these recipes are you most excited to try? Tell us in the comments below!

In partnership with Milk, an organization of milk processors around the country, we’re excited to share all the ways the Food52 community uses real milk to make their best-ever creamy breakfast. Stay tuned to find out which of these recipes makes the top two!

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