Here's 36 Blissful Seconds of Bread Rising in the Oven

The #satisfying stress relief we all need right now.

November 27, 2019
Photo by James Ransom

So there are, of course, a million things to do. T-minus 24 hours to Turkey Day—and for some it might feel like the pressure of a dozen family members and twice as many side dishes are coming down upon them. This week should be fun ... right?

The truth is, as we all know, hosting can be stressful and cooking a bird the size of your oven to perfection can be even more so. But that’s OK! Heck, that’s expected even. Stressing out right around now (or tomorrow or the next day) is par for the course. That’s why we’re here. At Food52 we like to think we can help ease things along—have you checked out the hotline? Otherwise, why not pause for a moment, take a deep breath. Remember what Thanksgiving is all about. Or better yet, watch this blissful video of bread rising in the oven:

The 36-second long compilation by sourdough enthusiast Jacob Rosendahl is just what you need to shake your nerves and forget whatever it is that’s currently got you down. Watch as soft, doughy loaves rise to the tranquil tunes of an easy-listening soundtrack cribbed straight from the lobby of a strip-mall spa. They seem almost to be inhaling, filling patiently with air as they assume their craggy, majestic final forms. The short film absolutely begs for an immediate rewatch. And then another right after.

Marvel as the slashes in the doughs’ surfaces morph into elegant designs, as the loaves' pale faces turn almost amber in the heat. We know you’re busy and we know you’ve probably got a table to set or a family member to keep happy, but why not take a second or two or 60 to watch some bread come to life?

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“I'm calmer already.”
— Eric K.

If we’ve struck a chord with you, here are some other carb-y options:

(Fluff, fluff, fluff.)

(Watch this one with sound on!)

And if none of these do anything for you, perhaps you need something up a different avenue entirely. These screaming loaves should do the trick:

Relaxed now? Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

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Eric K. November 27, 2019
I'm calmer already.