Dinner & a Movie: Amélie

September  2, 2011

Our videographer Elena Parker -- a serious food and film buff -- is really good at throwing movie-themed dinner parties. She and her friends cook together, serve up, and eat while they watch.

We've asked her to share the menus for her favorite films with us -- here's the latest installment: the whimsical French film Amélie.


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2002 was a big year for my relationship with the movies, mostly because of a profound experience in early May which altered the entirety of the universe (at least, it seemed at the time). You see, for me, 2002 was the year of Amélie.

Amelie Amelie

I think most of you know this film. It feels almost as if Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain has become a pillar of sorts for women of my generation, or at least those who blog [someone should write a thesis about Amelie, the internet, and whimsy, methinks]. But for those of you who somehow have not seen the film:

Amélie, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, stars the fabulous Audrey Tautou as a young, quirky woman in Paris working at a Montmartre café called "The Two Windmills." The discovery of a box of a young boy’s hidden treasures spurs Amelie to seek out the owner and return it. The delivery of the box so enthralls her that she begins assisting others in her own, very special, way. In the midst of escorting a blind man across the street while supplying a colorful narrative of the environment, using a mysteriously traveling gnome to get her recluse father out of the house, or avenging the local grocer’s verbal attacks on his assistant, Amelie stumbles across a man who might just be her soul mate.

Amelie Amelie

Beyond inspiring a long-gestating desire to hang Michael Sowa’s portraits of a dog and a goose wearing pearls above my bed, Amélie changed my entire perspective on what a movie could be. After Amélie, I understood that the magical feeling that I felt when I watched a great film was meticulously designed. I'm talking about design that is more than mere set dressing: rather, a synchronicity of all the pieces of a movie and a phenomenon in which hundreds of people all produce the right emotions at the right time. From the colors, to the music and sound, to the performances, to the cheerfully unexpected computer effects (Amélie melting after an encounter with her would-be-lover, for example), it is an experience of perfect orchestration. Come to think of it, it's not much different than a perfectly prepared recipe.

Amelie Amelie

Towards the end of the film (in a scene which always makes me cry), Amelie bakes her “famous plum cake.” While we never see it finished, I can only imagine that, like the film, it is light, sweet and delectable.

As it happens, food52 has its own delightful plum cake and since the minute I started this column I’ve been saving it for my Amélie post. I can only hope that both the cake and the film produce as much pure delight and perfection for you as they did for me.

(If you click through to YouTube, you can turn on the subtitles.)


Dinner from The Two Windmills

Grilled Bread with Thyme Pesto and Preserved Lemon Cream by fiveandspice

Gilled Bread with Thyme Pesto and Preserved Lemon Cream


French Peasant Beets by Amy_N-B

French Peasant Beets


Mussels for One or Two by lastnightsdinner

Mussels for One or Two


Late Summer Plum Cake by JSCooks

Late Summer Plum Cake


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Sagegreen September 10, 2011
I love the Amelie's impish style of justice. This is my favorite movie I never tire of watching. Thanks so much for creating such an inspired menu to pair with such an endearing film.
fiveandspice September 7, 2011
Oh how I love Amelie! I too think of her whenever I crack the sugar crust on a creme brulee. You're so right, everything about that movie was perfect, and the first time I saw it I was absolutely transported by all the lovely unexpected elements. Great post!!
deana@lostpastremembered September 6, 2011
I was lucky enough to work with Audrey. She came to my house and enjoyed some American favorites.... it was great fun, but she eats like a bird!!!

Lovely job... all the colors are so very much in the palette of the film and the flavors as rich... bravo!~~

I do agree with you... the design is like another character in the film and it is a perfect cast, brilliantly directed. Magic.
Nancy D. September 5, 2011
Every time I make a simple dinner of pasta, grated cheese, and herbs snipped from a pot on the windowsill, I think of Amelie. Not to mention breaking into the creme brulee...
flowercityfoodie September 5, 2011
This is my favorite movie of all time! I love plums too, and have some around, so I think this plum cake has my name on it.
gingerroot September 2, 2011
I love all of your posts and pairings, but this one is my favorite so far. Amélie is unmatched and I think she would happily approve of the menu.
elenakathryn September 2, 2011
Thanks for all of the comments guys! I'm happy you all like the menu (and film)
HCR September 2, 2011
Don't forget to eat some raspberries off of your fingers!
elenakathryn September 2, 2011
I love the raspberries! I wish I had room for that picture.
amyshirar September 2, 2011
Amelie is one of my all-time favorites! Thanks for the article! Everything looks fabulous!!
Ms. T. September 2, 2011
J'adore Amelie! What a beautiful post and menu. Bravo!
beyondcelery September 2, 2011
I was even planning a plum cake this weekend! You've given an incredible movie a magical menu. Thank you for doing justice to one of my favorite films.
amyshirar September 2, 2011
Amelie is one of my all-time favorites! What a creative and delicious idea. Fabulous menu! Thanks for sharing.
la D. September 2, 2011
I love Amélie and this post is fantastic!
lastnightsdinner September 2, 2011
The movie and the menu sound like a perfect date night :)
thirschfeld September 2, 2011
a favorite movie and what a great menu to go with it
nogaga September 2, 2011
Very, very lovely....
Sasha (. September 2, 2011
One of my all-time favorite films. Lovely selection...