How Long Do Hard-Boiled Eggs Last?

We’ve got the hard-boiled data on longegg-vity, and how peeled versus unpeeled, refrigerated versus not (hint: don’t do that) affects shelf life.

February 27, 2020
Photo by James Ransom

So, you took the time to hard-boil some eggs for a weekend Easter egg-dyeing project (or, you know, tomorrow's desk salad). But when it comes to boiling eggs—how long in advance is too long in advance? Should they be stored peeled or unpeeled? And should you not have—gasp—left them on the counter overnight? We’ve got the answers below.

How long do hard-boiled eggs last in the fridge?

Whether peeled or unpeeled, hard-boiled eggs will stay A-OK for up to a week in the fridge.

Should they be stored peeled or unpeeled?

Keeping the eggs in-shell will protect them from drying out, as the shell acts as a moisture barrier. Keep the eggs corralled in a bowl or empty egg carton—but make sure to label them as cooked, so as to not confuse them with your similar-looking raw, in-shell eggs.

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If you’re very committed to storing the eggs unpeeled, make sure to tuck a lightly dampened cloth in with the babies, in an airtight container. Alternatively, you can store peeled eggs submerged in cold water, in an airtight container. Just be sure to refresh that water daily.


As with all cooked foods left out at room temperature (aka the Danger Zone), hard-boiled eggs are no longer deemed safe after two hours. Instead, drop the eggs post-boil in a bowl of ice water, and transfer the cooled eggs to the fridge for longer shelf-life.

Some egg-citing uses for those (safe!) eggs:

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LoisKT April 6, 2023
Katie S. April 29, 2022
I steam eggs to hard boil them. Then I store them in the fridge in ice water. After about 2 days, they develop a grayish layer around the yolks. I use organic, pasture-raised eggs, but this happens with any eggs. The longer they are stored, that darker the grey layer on the yolk! It's so unappetizing. This article offers no help with this issue!
Cosmic L. April 6, 2023
It might be your water. Have you tried using distilled to store? Or just skip the water bath and use their suggestion to store in an airtight container with a slightly damp paper towel to prevent drying out.
EA0422 April 25, 2022
I steam my eggs 12 minutes then into ice water bath . First saw this on Cooks Illustrated website. Works great for me. Going to try Air Fry as well, just haven’t yet .
Jenny April 22, 2022
My experience is that a raw egg will spin wobbly while the boiled egg spins rapidly and smoothly.
Ellen April 22, 2022
I have been using the method my Mom uses. Boil for 6 Minutes and shock them by putting cold water on the immediately. It works for me!
maria V. April 21, 2022
We make Easter bread every year. The dough is braided and a raw egg is nestled in the braids. The bread with the raw egg is the.cooked for over 30 minutes. These are usually made on Good Friday and last, at room temperature for many days, sometimes a week later. This is what my Mom did and now do I. Never had an issue. Is it because the egg was cooked for 30 minutes in the oven?
Susan L. April 21, 2022
My husband draws funny faces on boiled eggs so I know the difference. It’s pretty cute.
Judy March 5, 2020
My eggs go into my steamer rack over simmering water in a pan with the lid on. The time is about the same with 13 minutes for hard. They are the easiest peeling eggs after the ice bath I have ever made. Perfect for making deviled or pickled eggs.
Pete M. March 3, 2020
You I can keep hardboiled eggs significantly longer if you pickle them in vinegar. If you pickle them with beets (and onion), the outside of the egg turns a lovely purple color.
Parrotmom February 29, 2020
I'm puzzled. A raw egg at room temperature will remain good for days. Why is an unshelled boiled egg only good for 2 hours? What has changed to affect "keepability"
Magdalena R. March 1, 2020
Not sure if you're talking about standard supermarket eggs, or farmer market eggs (or European eggs, for that matter), but standard supermarket eggs are rinsed in a bleach wash before going to market, for sanitisation, thus removing eggs' natural protective coating. Eggs in Europe do not undergo this process.
That being, I've left hardboiled standard supermarket eggs out for 24 hours in a 65-70F room and had no problems when I ate them.
Melissa C. February 27, 2020
don't remember where i learned this, but if you've mixed up your boiled/raw eggs, you can spin them, stop them briefly, and let go. if they keep spinning, it is raw!
Marty L. February 28, 2020
Actually it is the hard boiled egg that will keep spinning. If it is raw, it will not spin because the center is liquid
Randy H. April 7, 2020
Have you tried it lately, Marty? Because I have, and the raw egg keeps spinning because the heavy yolk floating in the liquid (more a gel than a liquid) white keeps moving after you stop the shell. It will pull the shell with it when you release pressure.