13 Happy-Making Molly Yeh Recipes to Brighten Your Day

The queen of sprinkles makes pretty great savory snacks too.

February  4, 2021
Photo by Molly Yeh

If you’re into food, you’re very likely into Molly Yeh’s recipes. The voice behind the blog My Name is Yeh and cookbooks Molly on the Range and Short Stack Yogurt, as well as the host of Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm, Molly’s brightly flavored—and often brightly colored—recipes call out to devoted fans from around the world. Not to brag, but I’ve been cooking from her blog for years, before the girl even met the farm.

Luckily, Yeh’s been a friend of Food52’s for a while, too, so we’ve scored some of her most creative recipes, including a gingerbread farmhouse (wow!). For 13 sprinkle-heavy, tahini-slicked, pastel-frosted, crispy-crunchy Molly Yeh recipes—don’t worry, those are all different foods!—read on.

Genius Recipes–Approved

In my humble opinion, there’s nothing more genius than roasted potatoes dipped in mayo. Oh wait, yes there is: roasted potatoes dipped in mayo spiked with paprika and vinegar.

It’s a pound cake! It’s a scone! It’s both—and also neither. Nutty-sweet thanks to chocolate and marzipan, this one begs to be sliced, griddled on both sides in salted butter, and eaten with a big dollop of Greek yogurt.

She’s Always Got Sweets Up Her Sleeve

My go-to recipe for any friend or family member’s birthday, this cake tastes like the boxed version, but just a little bit better. And isn’t that all we want in this world?

As someone who has received her fair share of crappy chocolate disguised as Hanukkah gifts, “gelt” bums me out. But then I discovered this cookie and changed my tune. Because hazelnuts and chocolate are a perfect combination, and I don’t have to use the bad chocolate to make a gelt-cookie.

A black-and-white cookie meets a lofthouse cookie in this pink-frosted cakey confection. The yogurt in the glaze is the real star, and would be welcome on any simple cake of mine as well.

You probably already have everything you need for these salty shortbread cookies, even if you’re out of flour. It’s just butter, sugar, and pretzels—ground into a flour, thank you so much.

For a gingerbread house you might actually eat, look no further than Yeh’s recipe—and don’t forget the glue—er, frosting.

While I’m not hosting parties right now, I remain interested in party tricks, especially when they involve cake. The trick here is how plumb simple the batter is to put together (which is honestly what I’m looking for at this point when I’m craving dessert.) As Yeh says: “It is idiotproof, hangover-proof, and can be made in even the most unequipped kitchens.” A delight.

Savory Snack Game: Achieved

The only thing fluffy, buttery challah was missing was a good handful of scallions and a slick of toasted sesame oil. The last time I made this recipe, I asked to be left alone with the loaf. I have no shame admitting this.

Though you can buy dumpling wrappers at the grocery store, the dough is no more than flour, salt, and water—from there, employ the other members of your household to help you stuff and fold. Or if it’s just you, there’s never been a better time to binge Bridgerton, or whatever people are watching these days.

If I need to tell you how great corn dogs are, you probably haven’t had one yet—a fact you should change immediately. If you close your eyes as you eat one, you can pretend you’re having a blast at a cute state fair…even if you’re in your boring apartment (like me).

For Snack Nights (perhaps obvious, but those are nights when you simply cannot eat a proper meal and instead want to graze for several hours), these Cheeto-crusted, cheese- and bacon-stuffed jalapeño poppers are a superb choice.

Another entry for Snack Night. Don’t knock a fried pickle til you’ve had one! Or five. But instead of using a batter to coat the pickles before their hot oil bath, use Yeh’s ingenious trick: egg roll wrappers, for guaranteed crispiness.

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“It let me focus on some fun recipes I can make at home because that's where I cook and enjoy what I make. Thanks again! :)”
— Natalie R.

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sweetsbysamantha12 April 20, 2021
I'll never stop being obsessed with Molly Yeh, I love her and her recipes so much. Her show, Girl on the Farm is my favorite cooking show my far. I feel like I really need to get one of her cookbooks after all this time! Great article <3
anacperez April 19, 2021
Hello, I have been watching Molly since day one on the food Network. I do not miss any episode, I have them all recorded. I just love her
SophieL April 19, 2021
I'm a big Molly Yeh fan, I have her "On the Range" and "Yogurt" cookbooks, and I enjoy her TV cooking show. I'm going to make the peanut butter cake which I'm sure will be delicious! Thanks, Molly!
Eve L. February 11, 2021
I love Molly Yeh. I’ve used her cookbook so much it’s falling apart. I teach cooking classes at my Temple and she’s inspired me to use a combination of foodie techniques with store bought instant hacks so that complicated dishes are easy to make for all. Her scallion pancake challah is my family’s favorite to go with Chinese food Shabbat dinner.
Natalie R. February 4, 2021
While I haven't seen her show, I love My Name is Yeh. Molly's recipes have a cheerfulness that I've been enjoying reading (and cooking, but not nearly enough) for years. It's exciting to see them on Food52! Also- I'm making those potatoes. And maybe those corn dogs.

I hesitate to say this next bit, but I've avoided commenting on other articles because I don't want to voice the negative side: thank you for writing this with an absence of pandemic talk. It's hard to escape and think about something else when every article on every topic seems to go out of their way to remind the reader about the state of things. The nod to everyone's situation was subtle in a refreshing way. It let me focus on some fun recipes I can make at home because that's where I cook and enjoy what I make. Thanks again! :)