Community Picks — Punch

November 25, 2011

Once again, we want to give a big thanks to all of our volunteer recipe testers for your thoughtful comments and for helping us continue to strengthen our recipe recommendations. You can read each tester's comments by clicking through to the Community Picks recipes — the comments are at the top. And even if the recipe you tested wasn't chosen as a CP, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!

Congratulations to another great batch of Community Picks!

Community Picks for Punch (tested and photographed by us!)

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Bumble Brown Punch

Bumble Brown Punch


Pomelder Prosecco Punch

Pomelder Punch





Holiday Sparkler

Holiday Sparkler


Warm Egg Nog


Warm Eggnog


Photos by James Ransom

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Written by: victoriaspencer


arielleclementine November 28, 2011
Congratulations all and thanks so much for the CP!
Bevi November 26, 2011
Thanks for the CP and to wssmom for testing and your lovely review!
lorigoldsby November 25, 2011
What a wonderful treat to log on and read Boulangere's review. All eating, drinking, and wii playing stopped while her review was read aloud! I am in awe of the wonderful recipes here and can't wait to try the rest!
boulangere November 25, 2011
Very grateful to be here. Thanks to Panfusine for her lovely review, as well as for the opportunity to test lorigoldsby's Halloween (though I think of it as an amazing cold weather libation) Hot Toddy.
Kitchen B. November 25, 2011
Thanks for the CP and what amazing photos. Well done and congratulations to everyone!