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Ina Garten’s New Kitchen Renovation Is Just as Dreamy as We Imagined—Take a Peek

French doors, marble countertops, and much more.

February 23, 2023
Photo by Julia Gartland

Anyone who has watched an episode of Barefoot Contessa is familiar with the bright and airy kitchen in Ina Garten’s beautiful East Hampton shingled barn where the show is filmed. On the other side of the property, though, is a lesser photographed (but equally stunning) farmhouse-style house where the acclaimed cookbook author and TV personality has lived with her husband, Jeffrey, since the ‘90s. It is rare that fans get a peek inside the residence, but earlier this week, Garten blessed her Instagram followers with photos of her newly renovated kitchen, a project she took on during the pandemic.

It has been over two decades since she did a kitchen refresh, and to say we love it would be an understatement. The entire aesthetic is just as elegant and inviting as her cooking, with warm neutrals, crisp whites, and cozy natural materials straight out of a Diane Keaton movie. Like Ina herself, it feels familiar and fabulous, yet not over the top.

Photo by @inagarten via Instagram
Photo by @inagarten via Instagram

Flipping through the images, you will find her signature elevated, comfortable style imbued throughout. She started with her “dream pantry,” which she adorned with blue and white porcelain vases, patinaed wooden bowls, rattan serveware, and the signature white dishes she’s collected over the years.

In center stage is her beloved Lacanche stove: Ina appears to have opted for the Sully range in Anthracite with brass trim, gas burners, one electric oven, and one gas oven. Charming copper and stainless steel All-Clad pots hang above the range, and a cream enamel Le Creuset Dutch Oven sits on top.

Ina also shared an image of her kitchen corner vignette, where titles like Buvette and The Lost Kitchen share shelf space with her rainbow of eponymous cookbooks. She decided on Calacatta Gold marble for the countertop, she said in a comment, thanks to its “movement and energy.” (Sealers have improved to make marble a terrific choice for the busy home cook, she added.) Six food photographs from Staley Wise Gallery in New York City hang above the counter, completing the cozy corner.

Photo by @inagarten via Instagram
Photo by @inagarten via Instagram

Perhaps the most notable and prized element of Ina’s flawless redesign is the great view of the property. Behind the towering branches and bright purple anemones gracing the countertop are French doors which open up into her storied lush gardens, from where she has been known to pick fresh tomatoes, herbs, and flowers for her recipes and table decor.

We could not imagine a kitchen better-suited for Queen Ina, and we look forward to seeing more.

What's your favorite part of Ina's kitchen redesign? Let us know in the comments!

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CMH April 18, 2023
I guess I'm the marcher out of step, but I will never understand the notion of hanging pots and pans above a cooktop. I stayed for a month last year with friend who'd just had her kitchen remodelled and yes, hanging above the cooktop was her lovely collection of copper and blue enamelled pots and pans. All very photogenic - but 9 times out of 10 those pots had to be washed before they could be used because of the film of grease on the outside. She'd learned the hard way that leaving the grease on made the post-cooking task of cleaning seriously hard work.
Warah April 18, 2023
Love the you know anything about them?
tradess2013 April 18, 2023
But for the shows, doesn't she cook in her barn? which is equally superb!
Marichal G. April 18, 2023
Yes - equally superb indeed!
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LynnB March 2, 2023
Just love Ina's style...everything is understated but elegant and beautiful. A wonderful antidote to all the excess and disposable consumerism everywhere. Theres a lot to be said for timelessness, good workmanship and classic design.
Sandra March 1, 2023
I would love to know the cabinet color!
Steven March 1, 2023
I love the counters- but I am very skeptical of the comment that sealers have come a long way. Would love to know what product to use to pre t the etching and staining that plagues marble counters.
Sherilyn March 1, 2023
I love seeing the simplicity of her pans. Ina doesn’t have anything that is not needed. I’m gunna rehome my duplicates.
Michael February 23, 2023
Captivating portrait. I'll have to watch Barefoot Contessa.
Agupta February 23, 2023
Congratulations M for the recognition. Great article of course. Here’s to a great start 🥂🍾❤️🙏
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