10 of the Most Popular Recipes We've Ever Shared on YouTube

Featuring recipes from Erin McDowell, Lucas Sin, and Rick Martínez.

March 17, 2023
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No matter how carefully you write (or read) a recipe, there are certain tips and techniques you can only pick up by watching. That’s where our YouTube channel comes in handy. It’s home to all our video content, and a hub for so many bonus cooking tricks, ideas, and stories from our Residents and creators.

With hours and hours of content to watch, it can be easy to overlook some of our best videos, whether you’re new to our channel or a longtime subscriber. So, we narrowed it down. Here are 10 of the most popular recipes we’ve shared on our YouTube channel, plus the videos so you can watch—and cook—along.

10. Mole Sencillo (Simple Mole)

With just 10 ingredients, Rick Martínez proves that you can make a delicious mole in under two hours. Even better: This recipe will give you the foundational skills necessary for tackling pretty much any mole.

9. Richard Sax’s Chocolate Cloud Cake

As the name suggests, this cloud cake is all about texture. Although “flourless” typically means dense, rich, and dark, the inclusion of whipped egg whites gives this cake a soufflé-like finish.

8. Fish Sauce Chicken Wings & Pomegranate & Black Pepper Chicken Wings

Sohla El-Waylly’s dishes do not miss, and her recipes for these homemade, oven-roasted chicken wings are no exception. Like all of her work, this wing how-to is thorough, rich in flavor, and limitless in variation. Hold onto this video tight, you’re going to want it during football season!

7. Buttermilk Biscuits & Cheddar & Chive Drop Biscuits

Buttermilk biscuits, made by you, at home, in less than an hour—we can get behind that. Since you can never have too many types of biscuits, Resident Baking BFF Erin McDowell also dishes out her trusted Cheddar and Chive Drop Biscuit recipe.

6. Maman's Cheese Soufflé From Jacques Pépin

This cheesy, herby soufflé from iconic French chef Jacques Pépin is a brunch host’s dream. Why? One: It’s impressive looking and exceptionally delicious. Two: It’s make-ahead friendly (prep it the night before), meaning you can spend your morning drinking mimosas with friends instead of hunching over a stove.

5. Hong Kong Egg Sandwich From Lucas Sin

This dissertation on Hong Kong-style egg sandwiches from Lucas Sin proves that breakfast can simultaneously become more interesting and less time consuming. Also, any sandwich that uses milk bread is a sandwich worth eating.

4. Flatten The Bird

If you’ve never broken down a bird, this tutorial from Mandy Lee is the perfect entry point for any aspiring recreational butcher. Completely flattened, this recipe creates the rare opportunity for you to cook an entire chicken, on a stove top, in a single pan. Bonus: You’ll get the crispy chicken skin of your dreams.

3. Paprika Chicken Thighs & Pepper Rice & Garam Masala Chicken Thighs & Saffron Rice

Sohla says it best: “This one-skillet chicken and rice is so versatile, it can take you wherever you want to go. Once you learn the basic steps and techniques, you can play with the spices, aromatics, and mix-ins. Take inspiration from your favorite chicken and rice recipes, or invent something totally new.”

2. Pan-Fried Tofu, Two Ways From Lucas Sin

Here, Lucas shows you two traditional ways to make crisp, sauce-resilient tofu. Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll find yourself with tofu that is big on texture and flavor. Serve with rice and your favorite stir-fried greens.

1. Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Erin tells you everything you need to know: “This cake is chocolate, plus chocolate, with a little chocolate... It’s impressive to look at it—but more importantly, it’s so, so delicious.”

Let us know which recipe is your favorite in the comments below!
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