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Our Newest Limited-Edition Dansk Cookware Colors Just Dropped

Add these two Købenstyle hues to your collection before they're gone.

September 14, 2023
Photo by Mark Weinberg

Home cooks and design fans alike love our Dansk Købenstyle cookware for its iconic, mid-century modern looks and bright, bold colors. And now, we have two new limited-edition hues to light up your collection: Deep, earthy Chestnut and glossy, green Arugula, available for our Dansk butter warmer, saucepans, baker, and casserole—and bundled together for the first time.

You may recognize them from our recent Dansk Købenstyle pitcher color drop. Both capture the spirit of fall and the holidays, with that signature Dansk pop of style.

Aside from these vibrant new colorways, it’s very telling that little else has changed about Købenstyle since it debuted in the 1950s. Artist Jens Quistgaard designed the cookware to be as beautiful as it is functional, with details such as sculptural-yet-practical teakwood handles that stay cool on your stove. He also used enameled carbon steel for his pieces to provide a lightweight counterpart to heavy cast-iron. The lids are famously designed to double as trivets—lay one on your table, and its raised handle provides a pedestal for your Købenstyle butter warmer, saucepans, baker, or casserole. When dinner’s done, the lids then make it easy to stack (and admire) your cookware—preferably on an open shelf.

Since its debut and subsequent relaunch in 2016 by Food52, the Købenstyle collection’s colors have expanded, but these limited-edition colors are only here until they sell out. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so add them to your kitchen before they disappear.

Scroll below for more images of the Købenstyle collection in their shiny new colorways.

The Food52 x Dansk Købenstyle butter warmer heats more than just butter. Photo by Mark Weinberg
Photo by Mark Weinberg
Photo by Mark Weinberg
Photo by Mark Weinberg
Photo by Mark Weinberg

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