We admit it: we're inexplicably giddy about the fact that this is a leap year. February 29th is a bonus day -- but what, we wondered, can we do about it?

And then Tina Fey, as she so often does, swept in and saved the day. Last week's episode of 30 Rock was entirely devoted to Leap Day. And if Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin say Leap Day is a thing worth celebrating, then who are we to disagree? A lot of crazy Leap Day "traditions" are touched on in the episode, such as the wearing of blue and yellow and something to do with rhubarb, but the big takeaway for us was the assertion that nothing counts on Leap Day.

Nothing counts, huh? No hangovers, no tummy aches. Well, what would you eat if it didn't count? Our menu would look a little something like this:

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Gin Rickey (Is it a sin to drink gin before noon?) by Giulia Melucci

gin rickey


Southern Sherried Shrimp by EBeier

sherried shrimp


Cheese Biscuits by merrill

cheese biscuits


Chicken Fried Steak by amanda


Beauty School Knockout (Peppermint Hot Fudge Sundae) by Sydney

hot fudge sundae


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Miranda Rake

Written by: Miranda Rake

Miranda is a writer and editor in Portland, OR. She has a sweet, curious toddler, and is passionate about all of the usual things like farmers markets, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and swimming in the sea. She hates leaf blowers and writing in the third person. Until recently, she owned and operated a small jam company, as is typical for a Portland-based millennial like herself.


Helen's A. March 1, 2012
Oh yum! These look great. Thanks for the inspiration!
Fairmount_market March 1, 2012
We had a pirate-inspired dinner (sausages and ale) in honor of the Pirates of Penzance, a classic leap year tale.
Waverly February 29, 2012
Strip steak with pan sauce, green beans with pancetta, risotto
Milanese and chocolate chocolate chip ice cream
Kristen M. February 29, 2012
OK, I'll start: my grandmother's biscuits and egg gravy (with fried "fresh side" on the side, as she calls it -- that's slices of pork belly with the rind), a boozy ice cream float, and also creme puffs.