FOOD52 on Kickstarter!

March  8, 2012

Have you heard of Kickstarter? It's a crowdsourced funding website where anyone can pitch their innovative idea for an art project, film, computer program, company, or any other creative project to the internet and get small amounts of funding that add up to big bucks -- it takes a village to make a project! You get rewards, too, based on your level of donation.

Back in November, the FOOD52 community rallied together to help fund the Brownville Student Farm Project. Now FOOD52 has a dedicated curated page on Kickstarter! Check out our page for a rotating cast of awesome projects in food. Here's just a preview of what we're loving now:

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Fueled by Fries: Get Snap's Biodiesel Food Truck on the Road: I donated $20 to this project to retrofit a food truck to run on its own used cooking oil (such a smart idea!) and if the project is funded, come summer I'll get a coupon for their organic hot dogs and fries! (They even use Rick's Picks relish, which have been featured in our Shop.)

The Kurdish Cookbook: Recipes from Northern Iraq in English: This Columbus, OH couple wants to collect the recipes of the Kurdish people in their community, translate them into English, and photograph them to make a community cookbook -- what a melting pot!

You can find more projects like these on our curated page -- including bagel makers in Maine, an iPad app in Seattle, and seed savers in California. Check it out!

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