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Amanda's Kids' Lunch

April  2, 2012

What are Walker and Addie having for lunch today? Today there's a Mediterranean theme: lentils and bulgur with caramelized onions, a stuffed grape leaf, cucumber salad, and labne. Dessert is Champagne mango -- those sunny yellow cousins of the larger red-and-orange mangoes you're used to -- cut into cubes. A great early spring lunch!

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    LeBec Fin
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Shalini April 3, 2012
I love labneh, and so does my son. What a great idea to pair it with caramelized onions and lentils and a nice hearty grain. Way to go! Champagne mangoes are perfect for right now. Hope it's a hit!
LeBec F. April 3, 2012
If I come down expressly to meet them, and smile alot, and they rub my arms hard, can they transfer their size appetites to me? Puhleeeeese??