In the Test Kitchen

April 18, 2012

Tuesday was another day of snacking, cooking, and generally having fun on the job in the test kitchen. Here are some highlights of the day's work:

Kristy made butter-dipped radishes and ramp butter and brought them to work! Employee of the month award, right there. We also had doughnuts from Dough in Brooklyn.

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These adorably misshapen potatoes surfaced during the shoot, and we found this spoon among Amanda's kitchen gadgets. What do you think it's for? It's a baby spoon!

Our intern Dana fearlessly chopped, baked, and whisked all day, even if it meant she was stirring two pots on the stove at once:

Kristen had some Genius-related adventures: on the left you'll find her using a funnel to carefully fill a cup in preparation for a photo...until it accidentally overflowed. And on the right, one of our photographer James Ransom's tried and true styling secrets: using a hair dryer to reheat food that has cooled!

And at the end of the day we cracked open some prosecco. Soon after, Addie helped us get to work at cleaning the floors:

You'll see the fruits of our day in the test kitchen throughout the week -- starting with the Your Best Pancakes finalists on Thursday!

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EmilyNunn April 19, 2012
I want a job!
Devangi R. April 18, 2012
I am all for those red/pink colored doughnuts! What's the flavor? pic of Dana shows you have some hard-working people in the kitchen! Every time I see Addie, I feel Amanda can dress her up like Mario Batali and she would seriously look a mini-cutie version of Mario.